Friday, February 5, 2010

2 Score, Scores a Vintage 4!

So I went to the Casablanca,
I walked in and flipped the light switch in the kitchen, and on came the lights. It was a little cold in the kitchen so I walked over to the thermosat and turned on the central heat, I was carrying a pencil to write a date onthe calendar and dropped it on the floor and it didnt roll away... I noticed my dishes were sitting flat in the closed glass cabinets. To the sink I went and washed my hands with some hot water. From there I went to the den and turned on the tv and 'Days of our Lives' was on. I needed to go to the bathroom so I walked over opened the door and stepped into the-


Yup... It was all a dream.....

The Phone Call was very real though! Let me just say I love being the "Vintage Guy" here in town... (This is what happens when you watch Antiques Roadshow at 6 years old! haha)  I get all the Cast offs :) This call was from the Church, sayign that had some things they would like ot get rid of and wanted to know if I was interested. So into the Car I hopped I get there and there set 4 late 50's early 60's light fixtures...(hence the 2 scores, 40 years) So naturally I scooped them up!

Im wondering if I couldnt work 2 of them into the Bedroom/ Den and keep the other 2 as spares. The gold would be PERFECT for the room, but im nto 100% sold on putting them in.... heres a close up!

But with the ruffled gold tops im not sure if it will go with this sort of "stream lined atomic" thing im going for....

What do you fine Gals and Guys think?!  I also have anothe fixture I bought a while ago, but its chrome... The den was going to be turquoise and chrome, then I changed my ways and embraced gold finish (because it is in abundance and its cheaper) and hate to paint a good fixture.



Maggi said...

I think it would fit in...They are gorgeous!

Missouri Michael said...

I think the softer lines would be a nice break from the straight angular lines in the rest of the room, and compliment the flowing, curving shape of the coffee table. BTW - I have 2 lights very similar to those in my shed that I got from my church when they remodeled a few years ago. I just can't decide where to put them. If the original fixtures weren't still in my house I'd put them in the kitchen and dining room.

Amber Von Felts said...

Maybe instead of putting them on the ceiling, hang them on the wall. You'd have to rig up some wiring but I think they would look cool one on each end of the couch. Just a thought!

Midcenturymadam said...

See ya later....I'm going to church!
I think those fixtures would look great. I don't think everything in a room should be matching. Mix it up a bit.

Kathy said...

I echo Amber's idea...wall fixtures would be cool...sort of like sconces. With low-wattage bulbs (compact flourescent, of course!) they'd make a soft, pretty addition to the lovely turquoise walls. And the colors go perfectly with your decor!

MoonDoggie said...

That room's looking great :)

50s Pam said...

holy crap. these are a definite gift from the retro decorating gods. or, the real god, actually, since they came from the church! you would be crazy not to use them. if you don't want them send them to me!

Shara said...

What a wonderful rooom! This is my first visit - found you through Toronto Yard Saler - but it won't be my last. We share a love of vintage and then I read about our trip to Topeka. Although I live in Arkansas, I am from Topeka. I must visit Joyland on my next visit. I've never heard of it before. You are welcome to come to my vintage love blog! *Shara*

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Mick, oh Mick. I sense frustration with all the "no no nos" and sighs. I'll give you my workplace address because a) it will be fun getting a postcard from you at work and b) not posting my home address openly will avoid any potentially disgruntled parents/colleagues hunting me down. I don't think anyone is disgruntled with me, but you never know.
If you ever want to mail something to my house, email me.

Thanks again and have a fabulous weekend. Good luck with the boomerangs!
Erin Hawkins
Clairlea Public School
25 Rosalind Cres.
Toronto, ON
M1L 2X1

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

The clock is a classic and you absolutely must keep to the bright gold finish! It brings life into the blue that would otherwise be cold with chrome accents. The TV is an awesome one... good for you!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love them! Love the room! And I almost bought that exact style of TV antenna for my vintage TV.

Arg but too chicken to try and put a new TV in the back of the old one lol. Will be a display item.

Looking wonderful. I need to get on painting my walls, too.