Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Un-PREDICTA-ble Finds In Missouri!

 Miss us?! Patricia and I took a belated vacation to Missouri  for my Birthday to visit friend Michael. (Of Cul-de-Sac Shack Fame) And BOY  did we come home with some great things!
By now if you've stopped drooling I will tell you the tale of "The Predicta TV set" (one I NEVER though I'd own!) It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! I have dreamed of owning a Predicta set since I was about nine years old, so imagine the excitement at Michael's house when we discovered one at an estate sale on Criagslist just 20 minuets away! So we load up the car and head to the sale, which we drove past because the house looked abandon.  Patricia found a phone number to the sale, and after a quick call we found out the sale WAS in fact in the abandon looking house.  We walk up the driveway, and there it is a wonderful old TV set, and MUCH to my surprise they didn't want an arm and a leg for it! It met my qualiflications of looking nice and was under $100.00 so we loaded it up in Michael's trust Buick and home it came with us! I was freaking out, this was a bucket list item and since they made so few I never dreamed i'd actually have one! THIS Is the TV set that put Philco out of business, Philco (a product of the Ford company) designed these super futuristic TV's for the Holiday Inn chain of Hotels and only made them from 1958-1960.  These sets became know as "stylish pieces of junk" as they looked super cool, but were always on the blitz. I am 99% sure this one came out of a Holiday Inn as it has its matching gold TV cart with it. This set doesn't work, it will make noises and tubes light up but no picture, but other than that it is PRISTINE! I'm so happy to have this swanky set in my living room.
 Between the the three of us we bought, picked up, and traded so many things and I just havent had time to take pictures of it all! At one antique store in Springfield we found sheet music for $1.00 and there were LOTS  of good selections, one of my favorites being...

I was humming that tune the whole trip!
My second prize find for the trip (with credit to Patricia) was this great 1930's "cut-yer-finger-off" fan, it was a steal at $40.00 and all it really needed was a new power cord. That was a simple fix and now we've got it blowing in tip top shape!

(The back seat of the Camry on the trip home.)
I told you we bought a LOT of things and had a ton of fun doing it! We drove all over Southwest Missouri picking out deals and eating GREAT food. Patricia and I owe a big thank you to our fantastic host Missouri Michael. He let us stay with him and carted us around the state, Thanks Michael!

Well, that the short and highlighted version of our Missouri adventures, Tune in friday for a 4th of July recap and some exciting home improvement news!



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I grew up hearing my mother sing that song ...a lot!
She even sang it to children when they were babies...thanks for the memory. (oh and that's a good one too)
The TV and Fan are great. I especially like that you got that really cool TV stand to go with it. You didn't mention it...but I saw it. WE had out TV set on a similar stand growing up. Our TV wasn't as old as your Predicta...but it was old enough it required a cool stand like yours. Enjoy your finds! your fingers on that fan.

Lisa said...

OH. MY. GOD. A Predicta, AND under $100? I almost cried. Those are things estate sale dreams are made of!!!!!! Congratulations, sir!!!! :)

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Wow cool TV! Sounds like you had a blast!


Mr. Tiny said...

What a find!!! I have friends who found one but it most definitely was NOT under $100. ZOWEE!!!! Congrats!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

That TV is outrageous!

Lawrence Welk brings back so many fond memories. My grandparents used to babysit us on Saturday nights & my grandparents would play The Lawrence Welk show & we'd all dance the night away..

nickarmadillo said...

Love the Predicta! That fan is a great find too. It's really difficult to pick one up that doesn't have a rusted bottom after being left in the garage/basement for years. It looks to be in wonderful condition. Glad that you had good pickings up in our neck of the woods.

art deco dame said...

I literally gasped I'm so excited for you!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Holy cow...your very own Predicta!!! I'm so excited for you. The fan is great too, but be super careful. When I was a little kid, my dad really did almost cut his finger off with ours. Being the helpful kid that I was, I told him not to worry (as he bled all over our living room) because Dr. Dan the Bandage Man (of Little Golden Books fame) would take care of him.

My mom sang Mairzy Doats to me when I was a kid, so I sang it to my daughter, and I sing it to my grandkids now.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

oh my goodness Mick...I've been having so much fun catching up with you and the Casablanca ($150 to rent the furniture you had to find a spot lucky!!!) And that TV set ~ WOW how awesome that it was for sale! We went to an estate sale once in New Jersey that you would have just died to go looked AWFUL from the outside, but we braved it and were so pleased ~ it was right up your alley! Love the new construction ~ I can imagine that you are going to have it looking like it was always there :) Happy Weekend to ya Mick!