Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Step By Step...

Well Dear readers, I need to get a little construction hat made for Corabelle she is becoming a pro as an on site foreman and supervisor! To keep the wheel of progress spinning while Patricia is away, Dad and I tackled a few minor projects (and rested up for this coming weekend).
(The front of Pontipe Hall as of two weeks ago.)
As you can see in the above picture, right up until the present there has been a 16" drop from the floor of the new hall, to the ground out side... its been that way for a year. Now that things are finally starting to shape up it was time to step up to the plate. 
Don't look to closely you'll see Foreman Corabelle sniffing out all the paint blemishes. The paint doesn't bother me, first thing next spring we'll be repainting the whole house and all of the lawn chairs anyways. I ADORE the new steps, gone are the days of stepping out and snapping your jaw because you misjudged the step. Dad was terrific as always he had it all planned out and it went pretty quick. The only problem we encountered was that we had to dig under three of the stair supports to make them level, and there were three HUGE rocks boulders that had to be broken up with a  sledge hammer. (let me tell you, I am out of shape...) I have gotten lax in taking "after" pictures... the framing around the AC is now painted white, as is the new bathroom window. The steps are weather treated wood and I plan to just let them gray with age to hopefully match the original front steps one day.

I have been saving my pennies, and this weekend dad and I aided by a few of the regular Casablanca members will be putting the ceilings up in the living room and bathroom.

Wish us luck and send us good vibes with few obstructions!



Jordan Campagna said...

Aw man, now you can't do box jumps in the doorway! haha. I'm super glad there are stairs now!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The new steps look great. You and your dad are a dynamic duo...a couple of real Bob the Builders. Yes, we can!!! (And, yes, I know way more than I should about children's television.)

Pat B. said...

I'm glad in my absence Corabelle has stepped up to the plate!

ThrifterSisters said...

I think that one of the best things about your whole addition are the memories you are making with your friends and family! Much more personal than having a random contractor come in with his crew to do the work.