Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Herman Miller, Hey-Wake, AND My Birthday. OH MY!

(Corabelle presents me with her birthday present to me!)
Last Saturday was my 23rd Birthday, not nearly as eventful as birthdays prior but that's alright we'll be celebrating this weekend in Missouri with blogger friend Michael! I can taste the "Chicken Annie's" NOW! As you can see in the picture above, Corabelle gave her daddy a "Herman Miller Studio" chalkware bathroom fish. I can't wait until July because we might actually have walls to hang it on then!
(Patricia with her present to me, a Heywood Wakefield set of drawers!)
Patricia's gift comes with some "cheating" she swears I am hard to buy for, so she developed a "Point" system. Where when I find something I would like I just point to it and she buys it. Well the day before my birthday, I went into a local antique store and there it was! This wonderful Hey-Wake dresser a few pictures and phone call later... Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Dear! I plan to keep our MASSIVE record collection in it!
Then when I returned home after a fun day with Patricia and Cora I found this in the mail box! A Wizard of Oz themed Birthday card from blogger friend Christine over at "I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage!" wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thanks Chris!

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!

*Sings* "Weeeeeeeeeere OFF TO SEE MISSOURI..."



Uncle Atom said...

I kinda remember being 23. Happy Birthday! That's an awesome couple of gifts.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Would it be depressing if I said it's been 42 years since I turned 23? haha
My birthday is tomorrow, so we're almost birthday twins. It looks like yours was very happy indeed. You got some great presents! Jenn and Joe and the boys gave me a set of starburst mirrors, and we're going to the drive-in to celebrate. Her birthday is exactly a week after mine. :)

ThrifterSisters said...

Happy Birthday to another June baby! Aren't we lucky to have such thoughtful people in our lives who understand our love of vintage and who genuinely seem to enjoy buying it for us?

Let Patricia know that I LOVE HER DRESS!!! So cute:-)


Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the Hey-wake what a nice gift!

Retro Keith said...

may you have many more birthdays blessed with Hay wake.

art deco dame said...

Happy Birthday Mick!