Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby It's Cold INSIDE!

My goodness I am scratchy all over but we completed a lot of projects this weekend dear Readers!
(All the insulation for the new rooms!)
As I mentioned before, while Patricia is off romping around Europe...lucky, the rest of us at the Casablanca are trying to get a jump on construction. Bright and early Saturday morning dad came over to help me install the refurbished bathroom window, and new air conditioner .
(Nothing quite like putting a 60 yr old window in a BRAND NEW house!)
All the projects went surprisingly smooth. Let me tell you though, It was HOT! 106 degrees outside. 
(What I did with my "Wizard of Oz" Paycheck...)
To put the AC in we had to cut a hole in the wall and re-brace some things with a few cripple studs. At first I was worried about putting the window unit on the front of the house, I thought it would make a lot of noise, and be and eye sore.
But If I stand at just the right angle in the front yard...
You'd never know it was there! Around Noon on Saturday friend Russ came out to finish up the electrical work, and do some minor rewiring in the bathroom.
(I am 100% sure he doesn't know this picture exists, until now. Hi!)
Russ tested the two 1930's bathroom light fixtures I bought in Kansas last Christmas and surprisingly BOTH of them work! This may not seem like a big deal, but a while back I discovered they had actually been pull chain fixtures and someone had yanked the chains out, we were so happy when Russ hooked them up to the meter and we found out they were both "on" and ready to be installed!
Saturday afternoon, once Russ had finished the wiring my sister Mable and Dad came over to help me start insulating the ceiling.  This is undoubtedly and two person job and I learned if your going to be standing on a ladder all day, don't wear flip flops... no heel support. Dad fully expected us to get the entire thing insulated Saturday but after the ceiling my sister and I were both too worn out.


Sunday morning I got up to finish insulating the walls, in a few hours I knocked out the two weird walls, the West and most of the south wall, then around 1:00P.M. friend Utah came out to help me finish the rest,! It went so much faster having one person to cut the rolls of insulation and another up on a ladder stapling them in!
I had the AC running the whole time we were insulating, and by the time we were done it was CHILLY inside! Like Friend Utah said "one could be comfortable wearing a jacket in here."
(Utah waves hello to all of you out there in Blogland!)

I need to give a big thank  you to everyone who helped this weekend, we are seriously knocking projects out and we'll be putting the ceiling and walls up in no time!

OH! I nearly forgot, I also owe a big thank you to Friend Zack! 
He is currently preforming in a program here at Midwestern State University called Opera Breve' and they show they are doing is called- ready for this, "Hotel Casablanca" and they needed some 1940's furniture for their set. Zack sent them my way, and now for the next two weeks while we are under construction, the Opera Breve' people are renting the living room furniture fore $150.00!!!  That couldn't of worked out better if we'd planned it, of course all that rent money is going directly towards the soon to be ceiling and walls!

Hooray for great friends and progress!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Good grief! You got so much done! Your friends and family are so great to help so much. The Casablanca is going to be finished before you know it.

Saturday was unbelievably hot here too, but it's been raining all day yesterday and today. It's supposed to keep raining through Wednesday. Are you getting it too? It's 74 degrees here...aahhhhhhhhhh!

ThrifterSisters said...

106 degrees!! That A/C couldn't have come at a better time. I love seeing the progress going on at the Casablanca. Keep up the good work!


Mom Wald said...

It is great when a plot, er... PLAN comes together.