Monday, July 22, 2013

"The Hotel Casablanca" by-Thomas Pasatieri

Well Readers, the living room furniture has made the big time! Haha as I told you a few posts ago Friend Zack wrangled a deal renting a few sets of furniture from the Casablanca Hotel & Resort to the Opera Breve production of "The Hotel Casablanca".
The opera and its talented cast preformed in Midwestern State University's Akin Auditorium, build in 1922 it is a beautiful hall.  The show was a two act opera set on a Texas ranch, and in the Hotel Casablanca in 1948, it was very "I Love Lucy/ mistaken identity/slapstick comedy" and a wonderful performance!
(Act 1, the living room "Double T" Ranch.)
We sat in the back and I discretely took pictures, the glare is bad, but to the right of the picture you can clearly see the two blue arm chairs, and in the center (heart of the glare) is the sofa!
(Act 2, the "Oasis Lounge" of the Hotel Casablanca.)
If you look closely the red vinyl tuffed bar is also from the Casablanca Hotel & Resort! The show was light with the zany antics of the characters and I'm happy I could rent furniture to the production! I mean HOW COOL, Casablanca furniture in a show about a hotel named Casablanca. 
Thanks to Zack funds procured by this venture will be going right into the ceiling of the new room, which will hopefully go up this next weekend!

Curtain Call!



ThrifterSisters said...

The Casablanca is even more famous now! Hit the big time is right:-)


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

How cool! I remember when you found that bar! I know the rental money will be put to good use in the REAL Casablanca. :)

Mom Wald said...

We all knew that bar was meant for stardom!