Monday, October 22, 2012

The 1958 Casablanca Costume Ball

(The Casablanca Clientele!)

Oh Readers, What a time we had! Friends dressed up and came from all over to attend our 7th annual "Costume Ball".
This years theme was a little different from the norm, the party committee choose "Dr. Who & History" as this years theme.
(Friend Emily, our in House cob-webber!)
(Patricia "River Song", Brandon "The Dr.", Jennifer "Rose Tyler", & Ben "Sherlock Homes"!)
Several of our friends are fans of the BBC show "Dr. Who" and for the rest we said "pick a person from history to come as." (Now pretend reading this next part in a "Rod Serling" voice, I knwo I will!) -and so unfolded a wonderful evening of entertainments with a colorful cast of characters.
(Matt "Jedi Knight", Seigen "Future President", Cameron "Mad Hatter".)
(Chloe "Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey", Me "The host", Kayla "Cinemark Employee"!)
(Jordan "The Dr's Tardis", Ben "Sherlock & Watson",Zack "The Phantom of the Opera")
(JT as "Ducktape-acus" & Dana as a "Sailor".)
(Kelcie as Wednesday Adams!)
(Friend Emily as a Hippie protester.)
(Friend Evelyn as a Wicked Witch!)
 (Russ as Robin Hood!)
(Dillon the pirate!)
(The Host with the most, and Sheldon as Marc Anthony.)
 (Best Friend Amanda & eyes wide shut...)
(Cora Belle as "Debbie Reynolds, in 'Singing In the Rain'.")
(Brandon, Michael & Logan.)
There were so many other wonderful costumes, unfortunately my current camera is on its very last leg and most of the pictures taken at the party were very blurry. I wish I had thought to take picture of all the food! Friends Ben and Zack graciously volunteered to supply hot dogs for dinner, and all the guests brought food or drink for the buffet, thanks to everyone there was a feast!
(A few of the things I made for the party)
(Halloween Chex mix in an orange carnival glass bowl.)
("Yellow cake Jubilee" in Orange Pyrex!)
(Peanut butter 'Mary Jane's' in a Frankoma leaf)
(Harvey & Chloe!)
We all enjoyed taking in each others costumes and after everyone had sized everyone up it was time to vote for the Costume Contest, and the prized "Skele-mingo".

(Our Winners!)
Left to right,
1st Place - Logan as "Gloria Steinem under cover for her 1963 book 'I was a Playboy Bunny'.
2nd Place- Jordan as "The Tardis from Dr. Who".
3rd Place- (For the first time EVER in a three way tie!) JT as "Ducktape-acus, Kelcie as "Wednesday Adams" & Jenny as "Daphne from Scooby Doo"!

Congrats to our winners! Prizes in hand, and the sun one down it was time to start our Flamingo Drive-In Double feature!
Our feature presentations-

Second movie of the night-

It was a wonderfully spooky and funny night at the Flamingo Drive-in! The Comedy of Mel Brooks had everyone laughing until their sides hurt.
Yet Another fabulous party, here at Mick's! I would also like to say Thank You to everyone who came, contributed to the food or drinks pile and made this a wonderful event. Patricia and I couldn't do it without you guys and gals!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

You're all just too darn cute! I love seeing photos from your gala events. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Halloween party thrower, job well done!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a spooktacularily awesome looking shindig! We're having a small Halloween party for family here on the 31st, but it will only be a fraction the size of yours (same festive spirit though for sure!).

Have an awesome countdown to the 31st, Mick!

♥ Jessica said...

Had a total BLAST Mickey!!!! And I am Honored to have won the skele-mingo :) It it on my desk shelve with my Ultra Clutch Hairspray can. I will say, I look like an Amazon next to everyone else. It's not easy being 6'7" with heels. Loved the party! Can't wait until next year!!!!