Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Almost Time!

For the annual Casablanca Halloween Costume Ball dear Readers!
(Check out our 'Halloween' Pyrex!)
(Our 'Fall Fridgies'!)
Patricia & I have been collecting Orange Pyrex since January JUST for Halloween! If you think about it, they made Pyrex for every other season/ occasion but this one. So we started collecting plain orange and autumn colored pieces to bring out for our big Halloween Party we throw each year. Haha like I said, when i'm gone I want the phrase "He had Pyrex for every occasion" in the eulogy. I wish I could find some of the more rare black pieces of Pyrex to mix in, all in good time!
We have already started putting up decorations for the party, its still a few weeks away (and there will be a big decoration & party post when we get it all ready!)  Friend Ben helped put together this MASSIVE paper chain garland that we are going to decorate the lounge in. Patricia and Cora B tried counting the links, but quickly gave up and played with a chew toy.
There's lots going on around here so stay tuned, things are shaping up to be spook-tacular!



Melissa said...

Looks like fun! Black patterns are tough to find, but man the hunt is so much fun!

wacky tacky said...

I love and Halloween! If I ever find myself in the same neck of the woods as Casablanca at Halloween, I'm inviting myself to the party!!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Things are lookin' fantastic around the ol' Casablanca. I love your orange Pyrex!

And I thought you weren't supposed to tell everyone that Patricia has a thing for Cora B's chew toys...LOL (Sorry, Patricia. I couldn't resist. Mick just left that one wide open.)

The Zany Housewife said...

I love, love, LOVE that last picture!

I don't decorate for the holidays. Hmm..maybe I should get on that.

Vintage Christine said...

As usual, you do a season up right! Holly is looking forward to meeting Cora B and hopes that they'll become fast friends. Or become friends fast (you know, after all that circling and butt sniffing they have to do). I don't have any Halloween blowmolds but when Xmas comes I get to trot out my new (to me) blowmold Santa cookie jar!

SusieQT said...

Hey Mick- I found a black one, check it out:

I'll have to look for some orange ones, now! :)