Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ho, Ho, Hold It...

It's not even Halloween yet, and here I am posting about some newly found vintage Christmas decorations! I picked up everything above for a whopping sum of $9.00. It was a nice pick-me-up from the crappy vintage Christmas experience I had the same morning. Our friend Jennifer is hot to trot on the estate sale circuit, I tell here every time we meet to keep an eye out for an Aluminum Christmas Tree for me. Last Thursday she sent me a text about a sale that has a "vintage silver tree" in the add the sale started Friday at 8:00A.M. in a small town about 17 miles from where I live. So bright and early Friday (6:30) friend Joe and I headed out to be the first ones in line to get the tree, I took $50 out of the bank just for it!  After a little trouble we find the house where the sale is, and much to our surprise it is NOT an estate sale, but a one car garage sale...and it went down hill pretty quickly from there.
The lady and her husband who are running the sale come out, and not wanting to waste or miss out I ask the lady "Is this the sale with the Aluminum tree?" She says "Why yes it is, are you interested? I said "Yes Ma'am." she says sweetly "Well it's going to COST you." She then goes into the little routine asking "Dad" (her husband) to get the tree down off a shelf. as he pulls it down she says "It's still in the original box"(water stained tatters) "This was our first Christmas tree in way back in 1956" (thats funny, since they weren't mass produced until 1958...) "I think I paid a whole $9.00 for it then."
*As she displays the box to me, my heart SLAMS against my chest cavity. Its a 5'8" tall "pine" Aluminum Christmas tree, Just what I have always wanted and here I am the first pick of it.* She finishes her story of how many Christmas' its seen but now she wants 'the ratty old thing' gone. So I ask "$9.00 huh!? Well *chuckle* how much are you going to charge me?" To which she sweetly says-
If you listen very closely you can still hear my heart shattering like glass. I thought for sure $35.00 would be her asking price in this little Podunk middle-of-nowhere garage sale. My mouth dropped open, honestly didn't expect a kick to the gut that early in the morning. I asked if she was joking and she replies "Not at all, I got on the 'ebay' and trees like this are going for $300-$400." All I could think to myself was well this isn't ebay, its Scotland Texas at 7:50 in the morning... If I was wearing a puppy face, it was doing nothing for her- so I very kindly said "Well thanks anyways, at least I got to see one."
I tried to haggle with her, but she wouldn't come off $400.00, I told her that I had $50.00 I had brought and could give her right here and now, but she wouldn't have it. So slightly broken hearted Joe and I drove back to town and had breakfast together and went our separate ways to work.

Oh well I'll get a 6ft Aluminum tree someday, I am crazy but I'm not $400.00 crazy! I'll wait until they go out of style in about 10 years haha!




MomWaldsPlace said...

Shocking, simply shocking.

ThrifterSisters said...

Ah, man. That is rough. My sister called me first thing this morning and said "did you read Mick's blog? I feel so bad for him". Don't worry. You will find one someday. I actually bought mine on "the ebay" last year for $40.00. It's only a 4 footer but it's the perfect size for a second tree. I have never seen one in person for sale and I wish we lived closer to you so that if I did find one, it wouldn't cost and arm and a leg to ship it to you!


Mr. Tiny said...

People are unbelievable with their pricing at garage sales these days!!! If you want ebay money - take the pics, write the description, pay the fees, and sell it on ebay!!! You'll find one, one day!

Anonymous said...

You are a clever do it yourselfer! I say make one.

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I have been on the search for one for the last couple of years. I have a friend who says she has a stash of, "Grandma's old Christmas junk" in her attic. She thinks she may have an aluminum tree. The only problem...getting her to search for it! I've been hearing about Grandma's junk for months now!!! Don't people know we want/need this *!@&^*%$# this ASAP!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'd bet the farm that the woman in still has her aluminum tree...and I hope she puts it on eBay and doesn't sell it there either...would serve her right for being greedy.

People look on eBay and see those prices...but they don't have enough sense to realize that nobody is bidding on the overpriced ones.

Be patient. You'll find one when you least expect it.

Cee said...

That's insane!
Keep an eye out on said Ebay; I got mine off there about 4 years ago for around $75 I think. Pretty sure it's 5 or 6 feet too. For $400 it better be MINT with ten million arms and the trumpety fancy ends.

Vonlipi said...

Oh I'm so sad for you!

I want one to but I can't bring myself to pay $400.00. That is a lot of grocery and gas money!

I always say that there are 2 kinds of garage sale people: those who want to make money and those who want to get rid of stuff.

She definitely wants to make money!

Good luck, I'm sure you will find one :)

Hugs Vonlipi xxx

SusieQT said...

Dang- for $400 it better be pink or turquoise!!!! And there better be one of each! That's insane. I saw one at a yard sale last summer for $40 with the color wheel. I didn't buy it because I already have one, but I'm regretting it now...

Unknown said...

The internet is ruining thrifting/yard sailing for sure. I was in a thrift store the other day where they had ebay listing printed out and taped to the shelves. I wanted to explain the difference between ebay and a thriftstore in Cartersville, GA. I stopped myself.