Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Provably Shouldn't Have...

Well Readers, at least not at this stage...  I found this cast iron enameled sink in an antique store a few months ago. I have been batting around ever since if I was willing to pay the firm asking price. It is not that I fear someone would have walked in out of the blue and been like "Excuse me, do you have a 1940's cast iron pedestal sink on hand? You Do! Fantastic I'll take it..." It's just that it is EXACTLY what I want for the new bathroom, and it was only about $50 more than what I would have gladly paid. I did a poll on Facebook and my other vintage loving friends agreed that since the enamel was good, it had its original drain, and the taps were on it it was well worth $150.00.
(The Taps were a big selling point. Anybody know what that hole in the center between the taps is for? I don't have a clue.)
Thrifty as I am I did feel a little guilty paying full price, but the people were dead set on the "firm" price. (believe me I tried haggling and trading) After WEEKS of scowering the "RE" stores and Habitat for Humanity with no luck, I thought to myself  "A pedestal sink at a big box store is A) going to be all porcelain. B) Will provably cost me anywhere from $125.00 and Up for a vintage look. and C) I will more than likely have to spend 40- up to get some kind of taps for it. So after much debate with my self-
It came home to live with me. I hope this little splurge wont come back to bite me later... But its something I really wanted and was perfect, AND right here in town. (Yay no shipping fees! it weighs a ton!) Now I just have to find a new toilet that will kind of match the bathtub and the sink! But that is a ways off.

Have any of you ever been fickle over a major purchase like this?



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Oh, don't feel guilty about it. You only live once. I've never had any trouble at all rationalizing the purchase of anything I really, really wanted. After all, I'm worth it...and so are you! :)

Like the song says, "You don't see no hearses with luggage racks."

Eartha Kitsch said...

Heck yeah! you should have! The sink looks really great and you'll be glad to have it when you're ready (says the person with an extra toilet in the garage). That hole in the middle is different depending on the history of the plumbing in the sink but it's either a) where the mechanism that controlled the drain stopper went or b) where there used to be a faucet. Like perhaps the faucet used to be in the middle and the hot and cold controls were on each side.

SixBalloons said...

Ooh those taps.... Totally worth it because it would be killer to think of someone else walking away with it. How many ppl did it take to load into thetrunk?!

Sue McPeak said...

You definiately need that sink for your 1940's bungalow. I agree with EK on the hole in the center as a sink stopper. Seems like I've seen them with a round metal disk that covered the hole and had a chain attached with a rubber stopper at the end of the chain to plug the sink. You just pulled the stopper to let the water out.

Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal and sharing the plate idea for a dinner party. Love that idea and what a neat way to USE decorative plates....Sue

The Zany Housewife said...

Yes, about new tires, but then I realized I needed to drive. ;)

That's an awesome sink and a good purchase!

Tracie Harris said...

That purchase was so worth it. Also, I bet the mystery hole was for an overflow thingy to control the stopper on the bottom of the sink.