Monday, October 29, 2012

Build-A-Thon Part II!

This is how Saturday morning started out, a box full of donuts and coffee percolating in the pot! Friend Tobi arrived at the Casablanca rearing to go at 6:30 in the morning! Construction started a little later and Readers if it wasn't one thing it was another... We were so busy I didn't get to take many pictures. The first delay came when we were hoisting the last wall up, The power line to the house was in the way. It took about an hour and a half to get it all fixed and squared away, but we go the wall up and progress progressed!
(I am far to nostalgic for my own good)
The picture above is some writing we found underneath the window hinges. You can tell at one time the hinges were directly on the house, and later a 2x4 block was added to give the hinges room to swing. Finding this writing was neat, and it really makes me feel a bond with Mr. Martin (The man who built the house in 1943). It made me think the last time that wood saw day light there was uncertainty if the man building the house would ever return from "The conflict overseas" later know as World War II. I stop and wonder what must have been going on in his mind as a he built. How tough he was as he built the ENTIRE house without power tools, and to top it off as soon as he had finished he had to go off to the Navy to fight in the war... but there was no time to stand around and daydream!
(Larry & Bryson cutting the roof line back.)
A lot of progress was made, everything is framed, and five of the ceiling cross beams are in 11 more to go! After that is finished all that will be left (construction wise) will be building the trusses and eaves for the roof.  Now comes the part of our story, that gets just a little bit sad... (Book of Mormon reference anyone?) There is a fairly good chance that Friend/builder Larry is going to get called away to do insurance adjusting for Hurricane Sandy.  He'll know this week if he has to go, which could mean that the room inst finished in time for Thanksmass. I'm keeping that thought at bay I have my Wonderful Dad to help me if Larry has to go. So lets all keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer for the safety of all the people up north and that Larry doesn't have to go!

We have a Month... a lot can happen in a month.

I'm optimistic and ready to get the roof on this project and in the dry!


P.S. Damn you Hurricane Sandy!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm thrilled that you've already made so much progress, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that Larry doesn't get called away. As handy as your dad is though, I'm sure he'll keep the work rolling!

Vonlipi said...

Great progress!

Yes I'm crossing my fingers that Sandy just gets tired and dies...

For all of us!

Mom Wald said...

Great Grandpa built his house in the forties. It had a nickle from the year embedded in the front walkway. When Hubby and I lived there we found his original plans rolled up in the rafters of the basement. We felt like "History Detectives".

Good luck!