Monday, February 24, 2014

3 shades of gray...

(Three different paint colors and two coats each!)
It was an all day deal on Sunday! After weeks of delay, the tech week and opening of "Tarzan", and back to a normal work schedule we FINALLY go to paint the Bathroom!
Bright and early friend Cindy came to help us do the first coats on the ceiling and upper walls. Soon friend Jordan arrived to help us paint the upper and lower parts of the wainscot.
One aggravating set back I found about the "bead board" on the walls and ceiling is, that even a thick roller couldn't get into the grooves. Eventually we just gave up and hand brushed all of it. Our little painting party took an hour break to let the paint dry and then we were at it again!
Around 3:00pm friend Margaret arrived just in time to help with the second coat of paint and the touch ups. By 4:30 the final coats were just starting to dry and I was putting the light fixtures back up.
This picture is a little dark, but I really like how the paint colors and wainscot turned out. The ceiling is white, the top of the walls are "Comet Dust" (light gray), and the bottom wainscot is "Notre Dame" (dark gray). The ceiling will be getting a 1/4" round trim (painted dark green) and there will be a 1" runner on the top of the wainscot (that will be a maroon color.)
We finished a hard days work with washing out paint brushes and digging into a "Blue Velvet" cake!

Onward progress before the big Dance!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love those two colors of gray. You made a great choice.

CherryPicked said...

Amazing! I can see your vision is coming through. It's going to look so great. Little by little it is coming together. I know first hand how hard the wait is sometimes. I just ordered the upholstery for Aunt Polly last week! Keep up the great work!

Zootsuitmama said...

Love it as usual! You are making me envious that you can paint any color you choose. I wonder what my landlord would say??? Well, I love that coral, so I may just surprise him!

Melissa said...

Great paint color choices! It's going to look so good.