Monday, February 17, 2014

Cindy's Show Stopping Birthday Surprise!

Our wonderful friend (and Casablanca Council Member) Cindy just recently turned 23! Cindy is one of our very close friends in the theatre and we love her dearly. So for the celebration of her 23rd birthday no "regular gift" would do... It started as a "Joke" I just started naming off every Broadway show I could think of and adding or changing a word to "Cindy"- Cindy Side Story, The Pajama Cindy, A Cindy Line, How to succeed in Cindy without really trying, Fiddler on the Cindy...
So I narrowed down the "shows" to the final eight choices all favorites of Cindy's and found the show posters for each.
~top left to right~ Evita ("Cindy") , A Chorus Line, ("A Cindy Line"), West Side Story ("Cindy Side Story"), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying ("How to succeed in Cindy without really trying")
~Bottom~ Sweet Charity ("Sweet Cindy"), Fiddler on the Roof ("Fiddler on the Cindy"), Thoroughly Modern Millie ("Thoroughly Modern Cindy"), and CATS ("Cindys").
It took about an hour and a half to freehand draw each poster, each measuring 3"x4"it actually took longer to color each of the drawings than it did to draw them! I was rather proud with the way it turned out, Google some of the posters if you like they are pretty close.
Finally I fixed the finished drawing on a matte and framed it before wrapping it up for the birthday girl!

All in all it took about three hours to get the finished product, and Cindy loved it!  I have to say the hardest poster to draw was "A Chorus Line",(all 19 of the tiny characters drawn in a line.) I hate the show 'A Chorus Line' in general so it was a labor of love!

Now I just hope that ALL of our friends don't want one, haha!



Melissa said...

What a special gift! I'm sure she was beyond delighted to receive that work of art.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a wonderful, personal gift. You're so thoughtful and sweet! As I've said before, it's easy to see why your friends love you so much.

Mom Wald said...

YOU SIR are freaking adorable! You remind me of Hubby. Someday I will tell you the chicken story. Cindy must have been swept off of her feet!

Jim said...

What a great idea and finished product Mick! Something Cindy will cherish for years to come.
Yes Mick, you may just have started something here!! Best to make a template just in case!!