Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bathroom Preview!

(Our growing collection of Miller Studio sea creatures!)
Yikes Readers, lots going on in the life and times of Mick! Here's a sampling of what you missed while I was gone. The bathroom is almost completely painted, and is awaiting tile and door trim (to come in April) So to give guest of the dance a "preview" of the coming bathroom attraction, we have hung up a few finishing touches in advance. 
A few weekends ago, out wonderful friend Russ (and long time Casablanca Member) came and wired in the 1930's light fixtures that I picked up in Kansas a dogs age ago!
(These are SO cool!)
It seemed like they would never get installed, and now that they are cleaned and up, they look just like and ad for "Rejuvenation", except they are vintage and not repro's!
(The doors received paint!)
I took a favorite McCoy planter to Lowes and matched the color fairly well. (I'd call it Scarlet) The Claw foot bathtub will also be painted this color, with silver legs and silver 1940's faucets.
I originally planned to hand up venetian blinds with these barcloth valances hung up top. How ever now I am thinking of getting 1930's/40's pull down shades and hanging the valances above them.  Most of the colors we are using in the bathroom can be found it this cloth, and I really wish I had more of it. But alas, it was just these scraps I bought in Missouri a few years ago!
And that's all we've got for now! With less than two weeks to go until the Casablanca Formal Spring Dance, everyone here at Mick's is sprucing up and getting things ready for the opening of the 1960 Social Season!

Wish us luck, we'll need it and LOTS of caffeine! Haha!



Jim said...

Hi Mick! All I have to say is that you better be prepared for the 'line-ups' at that bathroom door! It looks really good Mick. You have a such a 'good eye' for this.

And that fabric is perfect. Soon you will be able to charge admission to the general public who want to take a look at mid-century fashions/decor!!

Paulette said...

I love everything about your bathroom!

Melissa said...

Sqeeee! Those lights are amazing!
Getting so close...

CherryPicked said...

The door is fantastic! The fabric is awesome! Your guests will be overcome with your fantastic decor that they might just forget they are in a bathroom! Lol amazing job!