Thursday, May 9, 2013

"It's Prettier In Pyrex!"

(My Turquoise 222, along with my 
Grandmother Jordan's everyday wedding dishes.)
It's a proven fact Readers! Just look at it! 
Every Saturday that Patricia and I are at the Casablanca, true to our Pyrex code we try and bake in at least one piece (so that its all always begin used.) I think I'm going to call this dish "The bread basket" I simply took a can of cinnamon roles, unrolled them and weaved them into a basket! Haha.
It's easy enough to do, but it takes a little longer for the dough to cook when in an 8"x8" pan like this. I also think its lacking a little something to really make it a wonderful dish! Maybe some fruit, or nuts on it along with the icing.
Maybe strawberries, I'm thinking that might be a good combo. Strawberries and cinnamon, any suggestions?!
One ting I can tell you is that this stuff goes GREAT with coffee! Vintage Christine gave me the neat-O sugar bowl last Thanksmass and we use it all the time.

Hope you all are having a happy Thursday!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

That's such a cool idea to turn an ordinary can of cinnamon rolls into something special. Pecans on mine, please. :)

I love that you and Patricia really use your Pyrex instead of just letting it gather dust in the china cabinet. That one really does make your bread basket look great!

linda h said...

Yummy looking! I guess us Texans do like pecans on our cinnamon rolls. My vintage Pyrex collection is small. Now I want to get some 8X8 ones.

Jim said...

It does look good in the dish Mick! You know, walnuts would be good in the recipe too. What can't you do sir?

SusieQT said...

Yummy! I'd add some orange zest
- that would perk things up!

Amber Von Felts said...

I would like my bread basket with strawberries & whipped cream please!