Monday, May 27, 2013

"ON THE TOWN" - In Awe.

Dear Readers, I hope I am not speaking to soon, but Patricia and I are in total awe of the generosity of our friends! Last weekend at The Miss Casablanca Contest everyone was marveling at the progress being made on the new addition. (having just fitted the new 8ft window into the wall.)  All was going well and then someone asked "well when is the bathroom going in" and this is a tough question to answer.  I am currently saving away funds so that hopefully once the ceilings and walls are in we can do a big chunk of the bathroom at once. Well friend Lynn, and Friend Russ cooked up the idea of having a fundraiser to help things along! The Council Members of the Casablanca have decided to throw a formal dance (our spring one is always such a big success!) with less than a month to plan, get ready and host this party its all been such a whirlwind. I'm hoping it will be a great success, We've had several people donate to the cause and all of our friends are gearing up to have one swinging time at this dance!  We are hoping its going to be a smash of a time, we've even rented a bigger hall that isn't at the Casablanca to hold everyone!
We already have 25 friends signed up to attend, but we've also had some nay-sayers who think I am out to swindle people... I'm not asking everyone to pay for my bathroom, I am asking everyone to help achieve our bathroom! Wouldn't it be nice to not have to go outside?! Haha that's one part of 1943 I'll never think is quaint.  AND BESIDES it takes a LOT of work to put a dance together! We've got several committees running in circles trying to get things ready. We'll be serving refreshments and there will be lots of dancing music  and special entertainments! So we aren't robbing anyone blind AND I bet if you dress up and come you'll have a toe tapping good time! So all you NAY SAYERS, and SAYERS OF NAY - give us a break!
I truly am thrilled that our friends think enough of us to go to the trouble of hatching this plan, and helping carry it out. It also makes me proud to know that our community- be it friends, theatre or family think that this Casablanca is a worthy enough cause to band together for... It honestly leaves me speechless.  We have such wonderful friends, and its wonderful to know what started out as just "my little shack" means so much to so many that it has grown become all of "ours". Patricia and I have so many parents and friends tell us how much they think of and appreciate the parties and events, that "they are glad to know their kids are somewhere safe, and having fun without having to indulge in alcohol or drugs." Along with how neat our "vintage everything" and cool 1950's style is!

If any of you out there in blog land would like to join us for the event let me know! I'll gladly get you all the information! Cant cut a rug but would still like to help? Donations for the "indoor plumbing cause"  are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small!

(I cant believe I just asked people to send me money on my blog... ugh, I"m not comfortable with it but I assure you its for a good cause!)

I hope all of you are having a good Memorial Day! Let us not forget the brave Men and Women who serve to protect our country, along with those that have lost their lives fighting for what they believe in!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Have you thought about using a crowdfunder like There are lots of crowdfunder sites, but I think that one allows you to raise money for almost any project. If you wrote a good proposal and explained when it was built and that you're restoring it with vintage furnishings, I bet people would donate!

As for the dance idea, I think it's great. Let the naysayers say nay all they want. Tons of people love the Casablanca and enjoy being there. Since it's used by so many, I don't think there's anything wrong with them pitching in to get the bathroom built.

ThrifterSisters said...

I think that a fundraiser is a great idea! It's not like you are just asking for money without giving anything in return. You are offering an amazing evening of entertainment. I would totally be in if I were closer.

Tell those Nay Sayers if they don't like it then they can stay home!


Jessica Cangiano said...

What wonderfully awesome, thoughtful friends you have. That's a stellar idea, and I'm sure everything will work out great! I wish I lived nearby so that I could participate, too.

Best of luck!!!
♥ Jessica

Mom Wald said...

I was all excited, and Hubby said we could come. Then I noticed on the poster that it is on a Thursday. Thursday? Oh well. Send me your address again, I don't have it from the pennies. Thanks!