Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weird & Wacky- Atomic Platers Part II "Atom and Evil"

Talk about the Twilight Zone readers!
I promise you "Atomic fallout" was not my original theme for this week! Jim, an old friend of mine dropped off a small box of '78 rpm records down at the theatre for me to go through. There was lots of neat stuff in it, a super old 1910's one sided RCA Victor record, lots of Bing Crosby, I found "Dont Fence Me In" by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters (I Love finding Andrews Sisters songs on '78's!) and in the very last sleeve of the very last book inthe pile was this little gem.

Recorded for Columbia Records by the "Golden Gate Quartet" (a mostly Gospel group) in 1947, with strong worries that "the Bomb" might fall into the wrong  evil hands... which a few short years later in 1949 it would "Russia has the bomb children, duck and cover!" Moods were tense back then, and this little ditty makes no illusions to Russia being the bad guys.
I have since found this website-  that lists all the records and songs made during Cold War Pop Culture, and you better believe I'm going to be hunting a few of these titles!

("Better Dead, than Red")
In school we always skimmed over stuff like this to make room for studying for state standardized test, I wish we had spent more time on it! Let me state right now, I am NOT dogging Russia or its people I am presenting these things to you as they would have appeared when they came out. As one of my favorite college Professors told me, "Not all nostalgia is as wholesome as Leave it to Beaver."

"-Atom and Evil
If you don’t break up that romance soon
We’ll all fall down and go boom, boom, (boom), boom!
We’re sitting on the edge of doom (doom) (doom) (doom) doom!
(What a way to go...)



Zootsuitmama said...

That's too funny! Hope you got my mask picture! Does the mail go up to the Casablanca? I worried that you aren't up there all the time..Check out my NEW giveaway!

Jim said...

Morning Mick. Now those are a treasure to have!
I remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old being out with my Mom shopping and there would be 'air-raid' drills and we would have to get to a sheltered area ASAP. It was all very real and scary for us. That would have been in or around 1954-55.

Jana B said...

I use that song with my students when we talk about the Manhattan Project. :)

SusieQT said...

That is so cool! I collect WWII propaganda records, but never knew these existed. Guess I'm gonna have to find some!