Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sneak Peek... Tell Me What You Think!

I want you to be honest with me Readers, do you like this combo of Coral Orange and slightly darker than Powder Blue?  I have to say I am just green with envy over Dana's speedy home improvement projects over at Mid2Mod, how jealous I am that she will be painting and decorating soon while my addition is still at the post-wired, bare stud stage! However I cannot wail about Dana's renovation as the simple fact is she was better prepared for her renovation than I. "Face it, I'm older and have more insurance"  Haha If you will remember, Hurricane Sandy whisked friend Larry away on insurance jobs (He is my contractor), that along with building funds being exhausted just after Thanksgiving (In a mad dash to get the project in the dry) has left things at a stand still. But I am now just six studs, and an air conditioner hole framed and cut, away from having all the framing done.
I am also faced with the question of how authentic I want to do everything. Above is a picture of the 9'x 5' bay window that friend Kim gave me out of her late 1950's home. This beveled window has been a major hold up because of framing issues, and I'm leaning towards scrapping it. However I would fill the same 9' stretch of wall with windows, they would just be newer ones that are flat, it would provably take three windows to fill the wall.  Is that cheating? Do you readers think I will regret it if I don't stick to all authentic building materials? (At this point, I would just like windows and doors put in!)
Back to the paint colors that I'm not supposed to be picking out, since we are no where close to that stage in the project... I really like the coral orange, it takes some adjusting to. I remember when we painted it on set I thought "crap, its more pink than what I wanted" but it has toned out and really grown on me.  A few friends have expressed that its to dark a color and will make the room feel small, but with a five foot section of french doors on the south wall, and a nine foot window on the west wall I think there will be plenty of sunlight to brighten things up.  The painting of a tree on a rock by the Ocean, was a gift from Missouri Michael and I have always planned for this to be in the living room of the new addition.
I think as long as I paint the ceiling an off white, cream, or light gray the coral wont be to over powering... however there is also a long running joke around the theatre of having a friend paint this on the ceiling...

(Is it sad I am almost on board with that?)
Hmmm, "Adam and God" & Sputnik, don't tempt me... Photo courtesy of Patricia!
The most work I've done on Pontipee Hall this year was prep and tape the french doors last Sunday. During the party friend Austin helped me put a few base coats on the exterior parts of the doors.
(Already looking better!)
I still need to give them a few more coats of paint, but I am hoping to have these doors hung and working before the big dance in March. (two and a half weeks, YIKES!)  There is a lot to do, but hopefully its all on the down hill slide, depending on what funds it takes to get the doors hung I might get to put wall and ceiling insulation on before the end of April! After that is done (assuming all doors and windows are hung) we will be ready to put up a ceiling and sheet rock the walls!

I am so  thankful I've got a few good handy friends who are willing to help, and an extremely patient father. If we can get past all this practical junk, I know I can fix this room up so great that it will be in a magazine or a book or something and chomping at the bit to accomplish just that!

Patience, Patience, Patience....

So really, what do you all think about the color of the walls and couch? Along with my thoughts on getting newer ready to install windows?



SusieQT said...

Mick, if you love it that's what's important! I love bright color on the walls- my living room is orange and my sofas are olive green. When you add in all the accessories, especially some great lamps like I know you've got, it will really look nice and warm, especially at night.

Mr. Tiny said...

Slow and steady wins the race; I can't wait to see everything when it is finished. I like the combination - blues and oranges are a natural pairing. That coastal painting is great too!

midcentuymadam said...

I say go with new windows. They will probably be a little more energy efficient and much less of a hassle installing than the older window, although it is beautiful.
I like the color. Go bold. If you hate it you can always repaint.
Don't feel bad that it's taking so long. We are still painting the fifth wheel! It's taken over a year. We just bought all new drawer pulls and handles and hinges. Everything takes soooo long!! I'm really looking forward to Dana's reveal too. So exciting!

Eartha Kitsch said...

I love the coral orange and the blue together. That's one of my favorite color combos. The much as I'd be like you and WANT to try and use them, they look like the single pane and not so energy efficient ones. With such a large window, that might get old after a while (says the lady whose entire house has huge single paned windows)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Since 1995, I've had lots of color on my walls and loved it. I went with a white with the slightest hint of gray in my new apartment, but I'm going to do a charcoal accent wall. I say go with what makes you smile. And paint is relatively cheap, so like Jamie said, if you don't like it, you can always repaint.

I think it's amazing that you've done as much as you have, just with the help of friends and family. If I hadn't had a contractor to pull all my ideas together, I wouldn't have made any progress at all. When I was your age, I wouldn't have had any idea how to do all the things you've done! I think you're doing a fantastic job.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yes, I thoroughly adore this colour combo. It's fresh, yet simultaneously old school, fun, and so cheerful. I'm definitely going to take a colour combo cue from you and try to put together an outfit featuring these two hues (thanks for the inspiration!).

♥ Jessica

Missouri Michael said...

I think that the orange and blue looks fine together. I have always liked yellow and blue (like the kitchen in Happy Days) and if the sofa was navy, I would be all over painting the walls a light avocado green. Anyway, if you aren't sure about the orange, what about going with a shade a bit lighter - something that pulls out that lighter color of the sky in the picture? In the end, you won't know if you like it or not until you try it. Much like my bathroom - turquoise and grey sounds like a decent combination, but boy, do I hate the way it turned out! Lol!

Jim said...

Hi Mick! Those colours look great to me too. They work well together and take me back in time when I would have seen these colours in homes.
The doors look better already. Good luck with that window too.

Vonlipi said...

I like the colors just fine.

Not sure about the windows issue.

It's not about being energy efficient because I don't think the Casablanca is. But fitting in
old windows might be a challenge....