Monday, February 25, 2013


The sign says it all dear Readers, thanks to friend Jennifer for fixing up the marquee! As a mini getaway friend Jennifer and I hosted a "brunch" for a few of our cast members, being T-Birds and Pink Ladies has made us all close friends. So Sunday we headed out to the lake for an afternoon to unwind and hang out.

Unfortunately not everyone could join us, but Patricia along with friends Jennifer, Austin, Bryson, Brandon, had fun spending the day together and making the meal!
(Friend Austin helps glaze the donuts.)
Last Sunday when Patricia and I tried out the donut maker, well that was a test run for this get together and boy did we crank out some tasty treats!
Chocolate glaze, plain, with sprinkles...
 Jennifer's powdered sugar glaze, drizzled, with sprinkles, double coated..Mmmm Mmmm what a side dish!
(Bryson, Patricia, Austin, Jennifer & Brandon)
For our main meal, we whipped up an old Casablanca favorite "omelet in a bag" Friend Austin fried up and crumbled some bacon and sausage, while friend Bryson cut up some red onion, bell peppers, and mushrooms for omelet ingredients! (My favorite was the red onion, bacon, with avocado on the side!) 
After dinner as I readied the Atom Pop with popcorn we settled into the den for a viewing of Grease 2.
While not quite as good as its predecessor, we still enjoyed the campy movie sequel for the familiar faces and early 1960's fun of it!
It was a day of friends, nifty kitchen gadgets, and good old fashioned fun!



Trina44 said...

Love it, now I want donuts.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

You're really perfecting your donut skills, aren't you? :)

Mom Wald said...

Great, now I want doughnuts too. You are really starting something here!