Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MGM You've Influenced Me...

And all the time I never knew Dear Readers,
March is  just around the corner, and all of the Casablanca's members are gearing up for our annual club dance! I always want the evening to be something from a movie, and here is a fine example of that which we pine to match, and dance right into.

"Skip to my Lou" Meet Me In St Louis 1944

One of my very favorites, I love the big "at home party"- people everywhere having a good time with friends (every light in the house on. With people eating on the veranda heavily reminds me of our own Casablanca gatherings) where all the attendants know how to dance.
(I mean I wouldn't scoff if Judy Garland led a dance at one of our parties!)
 I love that everyone's dressed up. People should dress up for things more, its really going by the wayside... I mean have you SEEN most "Prom wear" today?  Although this movie is set about 60 years before the Casablanca's prime, its a sweet technicolor reminder of what provably never was MGM how I love thee!

Naturally after the party is over, Doris Day along with Gordon Macray will sing and dance while cleaning up the general mess, as Patricia and I sleep in till noon!

Yes, that's how it should be!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Meet Me in St. Louis is one of my daughter's favorite movies of all times! I'll have to be sure she sees your post. :)

Jim said...

But Rhett!
Sorry, I got caught up there for a minute, Mick!
I am sure 'you guys' can pull off something like this. Nothing like these old movies with all the songs and dance! Can't beat that!

Missouri Michael said...

Next time you come up this way, I'll have to take you across the state to see the real St. Lou!