Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So It's 1958...

And all anyone can talk about is this years "Prom"...Well, not Prom-Prom- but the 1958 Casablanca Prom!

(At least I wont shut up about it...)

You see each year in the spring we have started the tradition of throwing a formal dance for our members as the Social Season opener at the Casablanca. Last Spring Break we had the wildly popular Big Band Dance and we plan to kick of this year with a 1958 Prom themed dance. Our possible Theme?

(If Dreams Came True, granted the song didnt come out until July of '58)

We've started preparing SUPER early this year,(as our members have tripled in 2011 and are still on the rise)  we've got the song picked but the jury is still out on the decorations, colors (We are leaning towards pink and Turquoise) and such. None the less the Guys are scouting tux's and the girls are already picking out their formal gowns for the spring event!

So readers, my question to you is- did anyone out there go to Prom in 1958?  Can you remember the colors or theme (if you had a 50's or early 60's prom) Or any pictures?! We would like NEED input!



Amber Von Felts said...

Maybe in a dream I went to prom in real life it was more like 1997! maybe you could go to the local library and look up year books from 1958. I'm sure that they would have pics from your local HS's prom! Good luck :-)

Dana@Mid2Mod said... prom was 1965. I'm old...but I'm not THAT old. :) You dance sounds like it's going to be so much fun!

Kitty said...

For once I'm too young, grade 12 was 1986 for me. We got 'Marilyn' from a local market on Mt Tamborine, right near our shop, tiny market in a tiny town but it always turns up some gems. We've had a ton of people try to buy her already.