Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's A MAD MAD MAD MAD MEN Kind of Week!

(Our new set of  Libby "Gold Leaf" glasses!)
Well readers, hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas/ Holiday break! Im blogging LIVE from Kansas, for the first time ever! The Day after Christmas Patricia and I set out to do some thrifting in the small town where we're staying and BOY did she get a find.
What she found was two sets of the "Libby Gold Leaf" seen in the picture above from a still shot of Mad Men. What neat is this is also the set of glasses Don and Betty use for entertaining in the second season.
(seen here)
(A little bit closer now...)
Yup that's them! Even more A-mazing, is the fact the very next day (Tuesday) on our thrifting adventures in Lawrence KS I found the matching Decanter and "side bowls" tucked away on a bottom shelf. (After almost passing them by).
I could not believe my luck! Neither has a scratch on it, and all the gold leaf is perfect. We're hoping to find the smallest set of glasses to complete the "Don Draper" set, and maybe even a bar for the Lounge to keep all this in. Lets hope the luck we've been having holds out!

*  *  *
Something else all you "Mad Men" fans provably drool over out there, its the coveted "Chip-N-Dip" that shows up in season one. I've seen a few other blog friends find matches or close replica's, well now I'd liek to show you mine!
(This is my Rendition! Of the Actual Show prop below...)
(Actual show prop)
I know comparing the two is like potatoes and pineapples, BUT I like my version. The serving platter on mine is old, like Really old. It was one of my finds in the garage it was a Great Grandmothers. Its light weight and originally had a little fish that sat in the middle that was a toothpick holder (and has been long lost) So I found this little plastic tomato to put in the center, that can hold dip.
I think it will make an excellent veggie plate (seeing as how I received an honest-to-God Pyrex Chip and Dip for Christmas.) I see all of this brewing into a 21 and older "Cocktail Party" much like the  this summer at the Casablanca. Just picture it some classy drinks being mixed in the glasses, chips and dips in the Chip-N-Dip and Rumba and Samba records on the player! 

Now all we need is a Swanky Bar...
(Fingers Crossed!)



Uncle Atom said...

Nice finds - I love the glasses and decanter set, and those drink caddies are both styling and useful, we have a couple. Keep watching and you'll find that bar - it took me a couple of years to find mine and then find the right stools for it.

Missouri Michael said...

You're gonna need to find a set of those Libbey glasses in wine glass form... cause this Missourian sure likes a good glass of wine!

Kitty said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again-things come in runs. Hopefully your run on gold leaf glasses hasn't finished yet :)

MomWaldsPlace said...

How fun! I found a matching little pitcher the other day with the niftiest brass handle held on simply by pressure. If you were here in Wisconsin I would tell you where to find it!

Amber Von Felts said...

Hot diggity dog, that bar is beautiful! I love the glasses and the adapted chip n' dip. Since our Mad Men party, I have been re-watching the series via Netflix. You catch so much more subtle story line and acting the second time around, not to mention the sets to drool over. Good job on your finds!

SusieQT said...

Those gold leaf glasses are everywhere, and there are tons of different pieces to collect; you'll have fun! The actual pattern name is "Golden Foliage" and was made by 2 different companies, Libbey and Anchor Hocking. They come in gold and silver as well. My brother has been collecting them for years and has just about everything, I think...

The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

hey there! heard about you via the blogosphere, but now i've found you via the pyrex collective. i write for pc III. love your pyrex finds and am now following :) come visit my blog to see my recent, minty, pyrex find :)