Monday, December 12, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Is my two front teeth, my two front teeth.... Well, actually-  I've already had two super amazing gifts, a successful Thanksmass and the amazing Franciscan Dishes that friend Michael gave me! Since I'm apparently "Really hard to buy for" here's proof that I'm not....
 Some House Slippers would be nice, for out at the Casablanca... in Red or Blue?
Mrs McCormick & Betty Crocker run my kitchen with an iron fist! Meatloaf seasoning, Brown Gravy, Country Sausage Gravy would go to go to use!
Serving spoons, several- we are FOREVER needing these during parties!  I never find any in good shape at thrift stores and the place where we purchased our cutlery doesn't have serving spoons to match the set.
"Pyrex The Unauthorized Collectors Guide" (or as Patricia and I call it) The Great Big Book of Pyrex, oh yes, oh yes so I can  feed  identify the addiction!
This is more of a need to do than a present... but would REALLY like to finally get the tile laid on my counter tops...  if I could get that done, then my project list in the kitchen would come to a momentary pause. Its on the to-do list along with replacing the carpet in the Lounge (as it is now sporting a 16"x6" hole ripped in it.)

 While all of these wishes and wants are nice, I don't really NEED anything.  I've got a good family, loving friends and wonderful blessings all around.



Jessica LeAnne said...

I bought my boyfriend house shoes for Christmas! lol among many other things. I know I can be hard to buy for so I told him some things to get me that would be easy.

Amber Von Felts said...

People say I'm hard to buy for too...not so, after all, I Heart Everything! I'll be asking for an Starter for a '63 Dodge Dart this year...hey Santa, ya listening? I hope your holidays are warm & bright and full of family and friends! It looks like you are well on your way! Merry Christmas!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love the slippers. I bet my son-in-law would like some like that too.