Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Best Things Come Last!

So American Pickers... GET OVER YOURSELF'S! Haha  Just because they show your picks and finds on the History channel doesn't mean the rest of us haven't been schlepping through dirty bargain basements and fields to find that great vintage piece long before then! In the little town that my family stays in there is one small antique store but as we all can attest to 'Even the smallest store can have the biggest find' like my prized turquoise boomerang glasses. Well this year was no different and I went in with money and came out with an arm full of treasures!
Four more Boomerang glasses $2.00 (I'm trying to get a full set of 16) a "Thompson's" malted milk shaker $4.00,
 a bundle full of vintage golf club shaped swizzle sticks $2.00, a "Black Kow"  bottle $4.00. My favorite buys from this were hands down the glasses and the swizzle sticks! Now 1941 "Black Kow" the bottle reads
"Just A Swell Drink!"
"The Perfect Drink By Itself"
- Also excellent mixed with ice cream, milk or cream.
Try a Double Black Kow Soda 
Made with Black Kow Ice Cream
And genuine Black  Kow bottled in Columbus Ohio-

This bottle is headed for the shelf in the kitchen of the Casablanca with all the other old "pop" bottles i've found over the years. Pretty good haul for $12.00!



Maria Stahl said...

You didn't tell about that awesome phone! Tell, tell.

I was at a big auction once where one of those came up (there are quite a few of them still being used around here) but I didn't see it, and evidently it didn't even sell, and they threw it in the Dumpster. Anyway I dived, and found it, but it was badly cracked on impact. I still got it, of course.

I have no shame.

Jim said...

I'd say! Lots of good stuff! My favs are the glasses by far! Gets me all shaky! lol
Great finds Mick......keep searching.

Vintage Christine said...

I think I have one or two of those boomerang glasses--they are soooo cool! And yes, I would love to have a phone like that. You did good, buddy. Oh, you posted something about a gold chair on Facebook--have you shown a photo yet?

1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

Every MCM home needs a dial phone =) Good deal!!

I'm tempted to get a third land line just so I can plug my pink 50's phone in, but nowadays no recording system will recognize the dial deal, it's all tone now grrr. Regular calls in and out would work, but nothing automated....

Amber Von Felts said...

I love the pop bottle! I have never heard of Black Kow soda pop. I wonder what it tasted like back in the day. I bet it made a nice ice cream float...yumzz!

Alex and Ben said...

Heeeeeey. We have those boomerang glasses too.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Nice finds!
Yeah really! I find most of my stuff in the trash! The best stuff. :)