Friday, January 14, 2011

Half & Half, Oh And A Radio Too...

Well readers I know it seems like all of us have a problem with buying lamps! I am the worlds WORST about buying a lamp just to get the shade. I've done it many a time, and this year history was bound to repeat it's self.
Exhibit A:  Recycled coffee pot lamp, with vintage red venetian blind shade $45.
Exhibit B: A 1954 Chalk-ware lamp titled "Arabian Dancer" I was given for free with a terrible Victorian shade.

Well I know what I like, and so paid the $45 for the coffee pot lamp because I really wanted the shade, once home I put the red shade on the dancer and Viola!
Haha! When I'm right, I'm right... yet another "So over-the-top-tacky it's cool" product from Mick J. and to think I almost threw it away! (half naked foreign men chalk-ware lamps really aren't my thing...) but now im glad I kept it! He now has a place on top of the Muntz TV I refinished.

*  *  *
 While in Kansas we helped our friend move her father and stepmother into a new retirement home. They were trying to downsize while moving into their new place so a few things went to Goodwill and in the "Nobody wants it"  pile was a "record player" and I thought to myself 'Just what I need another record player'  and then I stuck my head down the hallway and saw it and...
Just like that I had myself another "record player"!
 A 1946 Bendix mini-console Radio & Record player combo.
I am SO excited to finally have a console radio that has cabinet underneath to hide/hold stuff. No sooner had I gotten the ok to load it in the car, I already knew where it was going to go at the Casablanca! I've been searching and searching for a bed side table that was period and could possibly store stuff, and here out of the clear blue sky came one! I don't feel bad about using it as a table because that's what they had been doing with it since the cord to the player had been cut off. Just about perfect for the Casablanca, I owe a big thank you to those people!


Lisa said...

The lamp looks soooooo much better with the new shade...! I always try to keep vintage finds as much like their 1960's selves as possible, but, as in the case of that fringed lamp shade, there existed such a thing as bad taste even then! It somehow looks more retro and more "correct" with the newly adopted shade. Love the cabinet record player too. Great finds.

Jim said...

Love both items! That's what you git for being so nice, Mick!

Maria Stahl said...

At first when I saw the red shade, I thought of a Devo hat. :)

Amber Von Felts said...

I immediately thought of Devo too! It looks good on the ole nekkid flamenco dancer though. I bet at one time he had a female dance partner to match him. I really like your record player find too. Now your guests can listen to bedtime stories via just gotta repair that cord :-)