Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catch Up With Curtis!

Now that he's graduated college, Curtis has taken up residence in his college town of Lawrence Kansas. The friends we stay with live about 20 minuets away from Lawrence so we made plans to meet up and hit the town. We met up at the more famous antique mall in Lawrence and again i had a lot of restraint (more so than usual)!  the only thing that really caught my eye was this "folk art cat"...
However rather than pay $9.00 im pretty sure I can copy its beer bottle-light bulb design and make a few of my own! After that we spent the rest day doing home improvements, well Curtis did anyways...
wall art

After that we went out to eat at this place called "Local Burger" in historic down town Lawrence, this place is know for its all organic food and drink. I had a "Buckaroo Burger"  with fried onions and a  sugar cane Coca-cola Curtis got a turkey wrap and it all cost around $19.00  pretty reasonable if you ask me. After that we talked about his hopefully upcoming return to the Casablanca in 2011 (some of the parties) and then headed our separate ways. All in all a good day and a great time!

Tune in soon for the yearly visit to the Moon Marble Factory, and the blast from the past I found there!



Jabacue said...

Lawrence looks like a good place to see. That burger sounded too good to be true! Why am I hungry, I just ate breakfast!! Thanks Mick!
College towns always have a 'certain feel' about them. We lived in one for a few years and loved the ebb and flow created by the student population.
Happy New Year Mick.

Maria Stahl said...

Sugar cane Coke... MmmmmmMMMmmmmm!

We have a little local pop company called Spring Grove Soda (after Spring Grove, MN) that uses cane sugar. So good.

Vintage Christine said...

Oh I hope you figure out how to make that cat because it totally looks like my kitty Boo! I was in Lawrence several years ago and it's a great place.