Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What A Labor Day Weekend!

Oh dear readers what a weekend it was, and now a message from our sponsors!

Friday evening our friends Jeff and Donneta from Kansas came down to spend the weekend like they have done every Labor Day  for the last  12 years! (We go and visit them for two weeks every Christmas.) Friday evening Dad put the boat in the water, my Grandpa's 1956 Lone*star  that he restored a few years ago.

Then grilled at my parents cabin, they cut up chicken breast chunks and wrapped them in bacon on skewers. YUM it went fantastically with some Idaho red's potato salad!
( Donneta, Jeff & Dad)

 *  *  *
Bright and early Saturday morning I started preparing the Casablanca for all the company that was coming to spend the weekend! I made some Jello molds in lime green, and blueberry...
These were a hit! Haha so easy to do and like everyone kept telling me "SO 50's!"  I also made a Double Cinnamon/Devils food cake for my girlfriend Patricia's 18th Birthday!
Guests to the Casablanca started showing up around noon, seven friends motored out to the lake for the second annual Labor Day fish fry.
(Caitlin, Patricia, Wes, Jenny, Brett, & Lydia)
Where all the fish and hush puppies one could eat were to be had! The fish fry is hosted by the Myers Family (and a lot of other families contribute) on Labor day weekend and as you can see there was a pretty good turn out!
After lunch we all loaded up on the golf cart and headed down to the beach for what is provably the last swim of the season. That water got COLD in the last few weeks! But that didn't stop us for long.
 (Caitlin couldn't get in the water, so she sun bathed on the dock!)
(Friends Jenny and Wes take a dive!)
(Brett & Lydia)
After swimming for a few hours we headed back to the house to snack and lounge about until dinner time. Friend Caitlin entertained us with a little decorative piano!

Eventually the snacks just weren't cutting it so we all went out to the gravel pit to light a fire and get dinner started!
(I had just poured gasoline on the tender and Jenny is scolding 'That is NOT how we do it in Campfire kids!'")

I'm not sure if it was the heat of the moment, but they did a little tribal fire dancing!

 (Friends JayPat and Kaeli )
Fire lit, we broke out the makings for chili/hot dogs!
 (Lydia, Wes, Caitlin)
(Brett, Patricia, Jenny!)
(Jenny made a 'hot dog bun grilled cheese' over the fire)
Im looking forward to some inside on the stove cooking we normally cant do because its so hot outside. Meatloaf's, casseroles, soups, ahhhh love it! 
 (Just a typical evening here at the Casablanca)
Dinner finished, we broke out the cake for the birthday girl!

After birthday wishes were exchanged we all sat around the fire chatting for a while telling jokes and stories.
 (Brett and Wes)
(Jay & Kaeli)
 After viewing a movie on the Drive-In and a few more rounds on the piano Saturday night begrudgingly drew to a close. Friends Wes and Patrica however had made plans to stay with me until Monday.

*  *  *

Sunday morning we slept in,  before breakfast Wes, Patricia and I cleaned up from Saturday nights  get together. I can also simi-proudly say that our little group of nine people were provably the ONLY ones at Lake Diversion who were sober!  We swam some more, then went back to the house to make lunch Patricia made grilled cheese sandwiches.

(Ta-da Grilled Cheese sandwiches, with chips and Dr. Pepper!)
Most of the afternoon was spent in the Turquoise room watching season 1 of  'United States of Tara'  and 'Pushing Daisies'. That evening friends Pam, Luzmila, and Brannon dropped in for dinner and a show.
(Patricia, Wes, Brannon, Pam, Luzmila)
 (Pam & Luzmila)
We ended up watching 'Anger Management'  HILARIOUS movie! After the show was over we all went back to the lounge to hang out, here Patricia and I are giving a recital of our "Up and coming version of Jingle Bells" .
Monday morning we got up and tried to make waffles in the new 1954 waffle iron... key words in this sentence is tried!  Here's a picture of before, we've just mixed the batter and I'm about to put it in the iron.
Well a little voice in my head said "You should provably put some cooking oil on the iron first...."  NAW...
What happened next was like something I saw in a Katherine Hepburn movie (where she accidentally puts yeast in the waffle batter) I had put to much batter in and as it cooked the waffle iron  slowly pried its way open.
 After much scraping and a few choice words, we gave up on the waffle iron. So we reverted pack to the waffles not so distant cousin, the pancake. Out came my best frying pan down went the batter and up came one of the prettiest little pancakes you ever saw!
(Me and Wes showing of the first pancake EVER made at the Casablanca)
 After breakfast (more like brunch) we threw our bathing suits on and hit the water! 
Went back to the house to make some more lunch, and watch more of "Pushing Daisies"
(Do not question the alligator hat, just laugh!)

We finally had to pack up and head home  around 6 PM on Monday, what a wonderful weekend it was and truly the best way to end summer (even though iv posted that like 6 times in the last few weeks). We're all excited for Halloween that the next scheduled get together but I'm sure there will be some impromptu gatherings because as we all know...

"Sooner or later, Everyone Goes to Mick's"



Vonlipi said...

Love that pic of you holding the red fridgie! hilarious!

I'm glad you had a swell weekend!

1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

Oh WOW!! You always have the MOST darn fun! Gee Mick, I sure appreciate being able to live vicariously through your fun blog!

Interesting about the vintage waffle maker problem, let us know if you try it again (with oil or butter on the plates lol). I have yet to try any of my vintage small kitchen appliances.

Oh and the cheese sammie with the paper umbrella and Dr Pepper in a glass bottle...

You really are living the vintage life! Bravo!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You have the best time and have such great friends! I love the pic of you and the red fridgie also!!

Amber Von Felts said...

Now that's how you close out a summer! Looks so fun!

Vintage Christine said...

Once again, you partied without moi. Toooooo hilarious, and you look quite dashing in the gator hat!