Friday, September 10, 2010

The Official Bar Ware Of The Casablanca!

Well Readers,

I was thinking to myself about the bar and what we were going to use for drinking glasses. Now as careful as my friends are I REALLY don't trust glass in the bar outside in the gravel pit, its just asking to get broke and stepped on. I considered getting some cheap plastic cups from Walmart, then I remembered/ fell in love all over again with this aluminum set I already had at the Casablanca!
These were discovered by my Dad a few years ago when he tore down an old shed at my grandmothers house. OF COURSE I grabbed them up, there are five same sized cups made by the "Flamingo Products Company" (how perfect is that!) and one spare cup that isn't quite as tall.  The aluminum Ice bucket is something I pulled down from one of my early expeditions in the garage attic, a little shinning and it too is perfect for the bar!  I'm hoping to pick up another set of the glasses  at thrift shops or garage sales. If all else fails they have a really nice set of 8 cups on for about $20.00 ~Merry Christmas~ hint hint!
Another find for the bar, is this CD player I rediscovered in my storage unit that I bought about five years ago on one of the Kansas trips.
 (which is now old hat thanks to Ipods) I was considering saving up for an Ipod and the Ipod dock that looks like a jukebox to set out on the bar and play music.... but this will do for now! believe it or not it used to be mounted to the kitchen wall (where the telephone is now) the punch letters  lean forward and there is also an FM/AM radio built in. I'm also considering saving up and buying a aqua colored "malt mixer" from a store I think they run $24- $30 because even though its a bar, doesn't always mean it will serve liquor! (not for another year at least)I have a metal shaker picked out at Target, you turn the mixer a ceritan way and it tells you how to make all manner of drinks! I've also got a vintage Coleman cooler under the bar to keep ice in!

Any other suggestions for bar ware?!



Straight Talking Mama! said...

I always have suggestions for barware ;o) No seriously I think that's a good idea the glasses you have decided on, vintage glassware can be very fine too so horrible when broken, I know I broke a 50s glass cocktail shaker I've had for about 15 years a couple of months ago, it absolutely shattered everywhere :o(

Boy I wish I could get over there one day and pop by, you always look like you have such fun!

Heidi Ann said...

I just love those aluminum tumblers and pitchers, I have a collection of those! And I have ice buckets like yours, too!
Hmmmm...perhaps a party is in order.....
If I could get to your place, I could bring my partyware!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love those aluminum glasses. I think that is a great choice for the Casablanca bar. No glass outside! I'll keep an eye out for more vintage barware.

Vintage Christine said...

I remember those aluminum tumblers from when I was a kid and for some weird reason they always made my teeth hurt! Well and of course you need swizzle sticks, silly.