Friday, September 3, 2010

The Marvelous "Muntz" Tv Transformation!

Well readers after my bed rest project number 1, refinish the new TV set!
As you will recall I picked the set up for $20 at my favorite antique store, and it has been sitting out side in the shop since then the following restoration takes place in 3 days.
(Before on the day I picked it up)
(After 3 days work!)
(Before, notice all the scratches)
(After, not bad eh?)
This set wasn't in terrible shape but it was not "put a coat of varnish on it and call it a day" either.  First thing I did was take the old guts out, the picture tube was broken as were the bulbs so out they came. Muntz's  TV's were made with few parts and were the "Blue Light Special" from 1951 - 1953 they were so popular because they were made with fewer parts they sold for under $100!  Indeed they were made with fewer parts, I took out 5 screws ans the tube and transistors slid out! (V.S. the 23 some odd screws and 4 hours it took to take the RCA TV tube out in the TV at the lake!) With the guts out it was time to start sanding!
(Look at all the scratches on the top of the set!)
I used super heavy grit sand paper to get the old varnish and stain off, I decided to get a crisp even "new" look id go right down to the wood.
(halfway done)
( One side down and the end of day 1, my arm was give out from hand sanding!)
(Day 2, top and other side done)
(Right side door sanded)
(Both doors, I left the trim around the speaker its original color to contrast with the new stain)
I also left the original stain on the inside of the doors and interior of the set because it was beautiful and hardly had any scratches or water damage.
(I love the tiger stripes on the interior wood)
I stained the wood 2 times with Sherwin Williams "Old Oak" stain and let it dry over night. Day 3 I got up stained the wood 2 more times, it didn't come out quite as dark as I wanted it too. Then applied 2 coats of polyurethane let dry 3 hours, lightly sanded then applied another coat.  Once dry I hauled it into the house and fixed the new TV set inside and Viola!
I like the golden stains contrast with the darker stain around the speaker. I'm really please with how this project turned out! I cant wait to watch all the Christmas Specials on it (I'm particularly looking forward to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer). Tune in Tuesday for the Labor Day weekend festivities!



Jessica LeAnne said...

You are a genius! I am officially now on the lookout for a cabinet style tv set to do this exact thing with! I did snag a 1958 portable RCA TV for $1 at a garage sale recently. Im just trying to figure out what to do with it.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

OK, how do you find new TVs that will fit the opening and be able to sit inside the old TV? Is that a flat screen or an older analog?

I'm debating on doing the same to my vintage 1950's TV, but mine still works (last time I had the nerve to turn it on lol I'm afraid of it catching on fire or something for being so old).

Or I might have the 50's TV in the living room and either a flat screen hidden by an old console or cabinet (which I have yet to find) or no new TV at all.

Hmmm, great job Mick! You really did a fantastic job!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You have done such a great job on this cabinet! Love the look and how you put a new TV in there!

Barbara said...

It looks great!

Pixie said...

that is awesome and oh-so-clever!

Missouri Michael said...

Looks great! Is there a way that you can take the knobs off the old workings and somehow attach them to the cabinet?

Retro Keith said...

nice job Mick!

Zootsuitmama said...

You are so good at everything! I am amazed that you take time to do these things! That TV is exactly what I have always wanted to do, but haven't. Really great job! Zootsuitmama

Eartha Kitsch said...

What a gorgeous job you did! Perfection.

And here's to hiding modern TV sets! : )

Doug Eash said...

Way cool, just the fact that you kept that 50+ year old cabinet out of the land fill makes you good guy.

Vintage Christine said...

When you run out of projects come over to my house, puh-LEEZ! For some reason my husband keeps putting MY jobs for him to the bottom of the "honey-do" list!

Uncle Atom said...

Beautiful job! I keep watching out for a vintage TV - one of these days.