Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time for a "Bloglette"

Since I am swamped and cannot seem to scrape up enough photos or time for a full post, here are a few tidbits from around the Casablanca!
Found these brightly colored "spun honey" containers while cleaning out Grandma's barn. I swear that woman kept EVERY kind of container ever made! I saved these from going to the dump, they are the perfect size for cereal bowls, and also for storing leftovers. I wont feel guilty about putting them in the dishwasher, AND they happen to compliment the Tupperware and Pyrex we use quite nicely. I wish there had been more than seven, but beggars cant be choosers. Maybe i'll run across some in the wild!
(With lids!)

*  *  * 
Finally dug this silk plant out of storage to put in the bullet planter! It looks so great and makes a stylish and perfect door stop when the french doors are open. What makes me especially happy about the bullet planter combo is that is cost me a whooping $0.00 in total for the project! Hehe yay for dumpster diving!

*  *  *
A little Handicraft if you please, I had all these lights from a few old strings of Christmas lights. The wires were cracked and dry rotted, but I didn't want to throw the bulbs away. So I took a strafoam cone and made them into a wacky tacky Christmas tree, and the end result lives of to products of "Kitsch-mas" past!
(Ta-Da! Atomic and Tacky!)

*  *  *
Mercy, this was hard to do. Many, many tears in the process. 
The picture above is one taken in the 1940's of my Grandmother Jordan who recently passed away.  Grandma was, and will always be my biggest theatre fan. Before she fell ill, I was cast as "The shoe makers Elf" in a production of "Shrek the Musical" (Which opened last Saturday.) Grandma was so pleased I was in a show, and it was heartbreaking to me that she passed before she could see it.  
The prep and rehearsals for the production have been a nightmare, with many factors making it so. The only reason, and I do mean the ONLY REASON I stayed in the show is because I had told my Grandmother I was in it, and that made her happy.  
As opening night grew closer, the harder it hit me that she wouldn't be there. 
(It is a terrible feeling, knowing there is no one there to believe in you.)
So Saturday, before the "house" opened to the public, I placed this picture along with a note in my lucky seat- #10, second row, second chair in the center lower balcony. Looking up from on stage I could see the 8"x10" picture in the balcony just above the safety glass. She was there in spirit, and true to my promise, I was the shoe makers elf.

*  *  *

Well, that's what you've missed "here at Mick's!"



Retro Keith said...

love the old Christmas lights! What a great idea to preserve them!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Mick, what a sweet tribute to your Grandma! Love the bowls and the bullet planter is amazing. I know you are busy but we all love your posts!


ThrifterSisters said...

Those Honey containers are awesome! I am in love with the colors :-)

So sorry to hear about your Grandmother's passing. But you sure gave her the perfect tribute! I'll bet she was so proud of you.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Mick, your story about your grandmother's picture brought tears to my eyes. I did something similar when my dad died. He and I loved reading James Clavell books, and one was being made into a movie. He and I had talked about going from the day we heard about it, but he died right before it opened. I went alone, knowing he'd be there in spirit, right beside me. I even pushed the seat next to me down for him.

I know how close you and your grandmother were and how proud she was of you. That's the perfect tribute to her.

Jim said...

Oh Mick, this is a lovely tribute to your grandmother. She is happy I am sure that you got a seat for her.
I still miss my grandmother who passed way back in 1972.....she was very special.

You are so 'handy' sir that it makes me crazy!! lol Your Christmas tree is perfect! As are those 'cereal bowls'!!

Java Bean Rush said...

My condolences to your family. Sorry to hear about this.

I love grandmothers who keep everything. My grandmother gave me her 40-year old china cabinet (her children were about to throw it out after her husband died).

I repainted and re-purposed it, and now use it as a pantry with gorgeous clear containers and such, filled with oatmeal and whatnot. Later, I might use it to hold guest towels and homemade soap.

It's a nice reminder of the lady who organized a house filled with 10 children, including my mother.

Family is great to have, isn't it?

What a wonderful tribute.

Cara said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma but I'm sure she was there cheering you on.
Those honey containers were THE containers we used for leftovers growing up and my mom still uses them. You will not be disappointed with their food storing capabilities.