Friday, May 9, 2014

The Cover of Life...

(June 8, 1942)
Don't get excited Readers, we're not on the cover of Life Magazine (I wish!) A few friends have been sending vintage periodicals our way and here's a few i'd like to share! 
Friend Nicole sent this 1942 issue of Life our way, as payment in kind for letting her borrow the Casablanca lawn gnomes to start in her senior one act play at Midwestern State University!  The magazine it full of articles on how to throw social parties during war time and how to save and stretch to do so. It's full of lots of neat ideas we plan to try.
(Lots of neat ads too!)

Also gifted to the Casablanca by wonderful friends Brad and Gail...
Special editions of Life and Post magazines from September 23rd 1963. These were printed the day after the Kennedy Assassination and have been in Brads family since 1963. (Knowing our crazy time line at the Casablanca) Gail and Brad sent them our way to use in a few years. The pictures in both of these are chilling and bring an overwhelming sadness even today, 50 years later.

Well, Looks like we've got some Coffee Table reading to do! Drop on by if you'd like to take a gander, but don't smudge the pages! Haha



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

So nice of your friends to give you such fabulous magazines. Love the covers and ads.

ThrifterSisters said...

I bought a stack of vintage magazines at the thrift the other day and am just trying to find the time to go through them! Hoping to find some good Pyrex ads.

Have an awesome weekend!


Jim said...

Those are treasures to have Mick! And don't they fit in just perfectly at your place.