Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun and Fresh Weekend!

It was a fun and busy weekend at the Casablanca Dear Readers!
(Friends Cindy, Patricia, Seigen, & Austin!)
Friday night we saw friend Austin off for the summer, he has taken a summer internship out in Canyon Texas as a dancer in the outdoor stage musical "Texas"! He was the only male intern accepted this year, we are so proud of him! Friday nights activities included cooking up chili dogs and watching the 1980 movie "Fame" (poor Irene Carra) haha it was fun all around.
(Friends- Josh, John, Patricia, Jordan, J.T. & Kat!)
Sunday afternoon the above mentioned friends headed out to the Casablanca to help us spruce up the back yard for the upcoming 1960 Miss Casablanca Contest. We had breakfast for dinner, everyone helped cook or butter toast! After eating a hearty meal we headed to to the backyard for some long overdue maintenance...
Jonathan and JT drove the speaker posts back in the ground, while Kat and Jordan gave the Drive-In a few fresh coats of paint.
The guys also removed the storm damaged outdoor bar and re-landscaped this terrace into a nice seating area!
Patricia made quick work of painting the speaker posts, and Kat thinks things are starting to look marvelous around here!
 We took these atomic stars off of the front of the bar, gave them a fresh new coat of "Electric Blue" spray paint and decided that they should be remounted on the Drive-In's wings a a fresh new look for 1960!
I can't thank everyone enough, we made quick work out of long to-do list and now the back yard is looking pretty nifty!

Fast, furious, and lots of fun!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Lookin' pretty snazzy!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

What great fun!
Love the 1960 'stars' for the drive-in!
Miss Casablanca...sounds fun.
Everything is shaping up-- more fun with friends. :)

ThrifterSisters said...

Lookin' good! You have the best friends :-)


Mr. Tiny said...

How awesome to have such a great space for entertaining! Even better to have a whole troupe of pals to help!

Mom Wald said...

All of your efforts were definitely worth it! It is what I teach folks, the more work you put in is directly proportionate to the fun you get out!

Melissa said...

The back yard is looking more than nifty! It's awesome!