Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello Walls!

How'd things go for you today? Oh this HAPPY and long awaited day dear Readers!!!  Exactly one year to the day of getting the addition "in the dry"  (click the link, looking back progress is AMAZING!) we now have all the doors, windows, and honest to goodness WALLS up at the Casablanca!
It's made SUCH a huge diffrence! My Dad, along with Friend Kyle, Kyle's Dad, and Friend Bryson we went smoothly through this phase of the project.
 (Through the door into the bathroom...)

 (The cast iron Claw foot bathtub will go where the ladder is)
One of the secrets of the Bathroom, is this piece of set from "Happy Day's The Musical" There was a line in the show where Arnold, proprieter of "Arnold's Drive-In Diner" Ask that the teens "STOP WRITING ON THE BATHROOM WALL!"
Well this piece of wood was mounted back stage and over the course of the last there years and lots of shows many have signed "the bathroom wall".
So as a time capsule and personal joke, the "bathroom wall" will be hidden in the bathroom wall forever more! It's also cool that the show "Happy Days" was set in 1959, and our Casablanca year this year is 1959. How serendipitous!

While Bryson, Dad, and I fitted the wood onto the walls, Kyle and his dad installed the interior bathroom door and the exterior back door.
(Kyle and his Father.)
My $35.00 door, refitted to be the right height, its also the same style door of "Nick Calloway's cabin" was in the new "Great Gatsby", it was also the front door the Dorothy Gale's farm house in our recent production of "The Wizard of Oz". Patrica saved the day, traversing to town to get a few more pieces of wood to finish up, and a screen door that was the right size!
 I love how much brighter the room is! We are  having a "painting party" tonight with a couple of friends, painting the walls in the living room Coral and I can't wait!!!
I still need to get the ceiling and wall trim finished, and the floor installed or painted... but the walls will be Coral just in time for Thanksmass, I couldn't be more ecstatic!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm so excited for you!!! You've been so patient and worked so hard through all of this, and it's really paying off. You have some wonderful friends who have done so much too. Just goes to show how much you're loved.

Jim said...

WOW! I can't believe how much you guys have gotten done, Mick! It is really coming together....nice job!
I LOVE the idea of hiding that 'time capsule' board behind a wall. When it is discovered sometime in the far future, it will be so appreciated!!
When I was tearing my place apart about 24 years ago now, in my bathroom wall I found a 'note' on a stud that said when the house was made.....back in 1957!! and boy, houses back then were made so well with the best materials.
Your place looks great and I look forward to seeing the newly painted living room!

JessicaLea Texas Kitsch said...

Its all coming together!! Your hard working is really paying off!

Jordan Campagna said...

I can't even!! It looks so good!

ThrifterSisters said...

That room is going to be so amazing not only for the room itself, but because of all of the friends who helped you and the memories you all made!

Now go and get all those blow molds, Mick! Hanna & were at dinner last night and we couldn't stop talking about them. Our husbands were looking at us like we were crazy. I'm sure they were thinking "Uh, it's Friday night, we are at the bar, and you guys want to talk about someone's vintage blow mold score?".

Yes, we are that crazy.