Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Dec's! (Better late than never?Right!)

(The Bestile pumpkin is provably my favorite!)
(Say hello to 'Big John'!)
Well Readers, as you know our "Disney" themed 1959 Casablanca Costume Ball was a hit! Here's a look at some of the decorations. I spent about $20.00 on new- "vintage looking" paper decorations this year, but all of it is stuff I will keep and use from now on.

Here we are in the kitchen, I take everything off the counters so that way we can just set the food up like a buffet (this works best). This year we served hotdogs so we set up a "station" by the stove. 
Having thrown this party a few times, I have conveniently covered the counters in plastic so when the party is over, one can just scoop up the mass and have a clean counter again!
The buffet spills over to the kitchen table, I reused the black sheet from our spring break dance photo drop, and threw an old tattered lace table cloth over it for spooky measure.
(Skeleton is new, was not beistel, but he fit right in!)

A few things here and there in the living room!
Andrew's picture is not part of the Halloween display. In fact I debated putting his picture away for the party. However I was reminded, that the Halloween Costume Ball was his favorite party at the Casablanca. So the picture stayed in its place of honor.
(Spookified Sputnik!)
(Cobwebs by friend Emily!)
 (Some Ghoulish Grooves...)
(We cut the bats out of construction paper 
and used heavy twine to hang them up.)
Most of the decorations were put up by friend Hannah, Patricia, and Myself. As is tradition friend Emily is our in-house cobwebber and when she does her thing she does it EVERYWHERE! haha there was spider webs wound up in all the fans, and it was almost impossible to use the rotary phone in the kitchen, but the decorations looks terrific as always! Thank you lovely ladies for helping get things ready for the party!



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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Our friend Allen makes great money doing holiday decorating, party planning and interior design for the richest Fort Worth folks. He did all the wedding reception decorating for Jenn and Joe. Maybe that's your calling in life! Your parties are fantastic!

JessicaLea Texas Kitsch said...

Your decorations look great!! I love Halloween it came and went way to fast this year.

ThrifterSisters said...

With the price and rarity of vintage Halloween, I have absolutely zero issues with using reproductions. I mean really, who is going to know? Love your idea of the garbage bag on the counters. I may just have to incorporate that into my daily routine :-)