Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Dance at the Gym" - The West Side Story Cast Party!

The Sharks and the Jets converged on neutral territory One last time at the 56th street Gymnasium for the annual "Corn Ball Dance" But this time the switchblades were left at home!

(All dressed up for the dance, lovelies Cindy, Patricia, & Caitlyn!)
The Public Pavilion   56th Street Gym  was stocked and festooned for the occasion!
Cast members started to arrive around 5:30P.M. on the event page we told everyone to dress up "sweet and sharp" (a direct quote from the show) so most everyone came in 1950's NON POODLE SKIRT attire, AND HOW!
 (Friends Allison, Jonathan, Kate, & Jacqueline!)
(Joseph, Jenn, Tres, & Craig!)
(Zack, Jennifer, Cindy, Caitlyn, Patricia, Jordan)
 (A little bit of leg...)
(Jarrod (as Riff 2.0), Cameron, Seigen, & Sheldon)
(Eric, Bonnie, Nic & Hannah)
(Eric & Bonnie)
(Anastasia, Jacob, & Jonathan)
 (Stephanie & Dan)
("PLEASE! Everything was going so well! Do you fellows get pleasure out of making trouble? Now come on-it won't hurt you to have a good time.")
These three ladies are from Midwestern State University, they are filming a documentary about the Wichita Theatre and they asked to join us at the Casablanca to film the cast party! After everyone had arrived we kicked the dance at the gym off by doing the "dance" number from our show. (ONe of my favorite parts!) Unfortunately my phone ran out of storage space, but friend Hannah managed to catch the BEST part of the Mambo before it ran out of film.

We all love to dance! So after this number the guys decided to mimic the ladies number "America" from the show!

(Stephen Sondheim would be proud...)

Just for kick's here is how that number really goes- preformed by the ladies...

The ladies then in turn took a stab at the guys song "Officer Krupkie"-

 (Terrace, Jordan, Zack, & Jarrod.)
After the Choreographed dances were over, the real dance began and it was an exciting evening of jitterbugging, of course there was a limbo contest and the Hokey Pokey too!

(The Cake!)
Special ordered from our locally famous "Kathy's Bakery" The Cast cake came complete with show logo and gang signs (of my own design)! 
Our lovely director Lara took charge of slicing and serving cake to all the TEENAGE HOODLUMS Party Guests at the 56th Street Gym.

We 'strolled', slow danced, and cha-cha-cha'ed the night away and as friend Terrace put it -
"It was a night to remember and a great 
way to say goodbye to West Side Story..."

This Party, this show everything it was all so much fun and Patricia and I are SO glad we could be a part of it! A big Thank You to the Jackson family for letting us host the cast party at the Casablanca! Thanks also to- friends Abbie, Lara, Caitlyn, Terrace, Patricia, Joseph, Zack, and Jacob for helping get things for the dance ready! Also thanks to everyone who came and brought food or drink! I sure hope you all had as much fun as we did, it was a wonderful night of singing and dancing, and I'm so glad I could share it all with you!

"Te adoro, West Side."



Jim said...

I rest my case, Mick! 'Openness' comes so easily for some.
What a good way to 'send off' West Side Story into the vaults!
Thanks for sharing this.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad it went well! Everyone looked so nice. I bet you guys are a fun crew to be around!

ThrifterSisters said...

Looks BEYOND fun!!! I so wish that I had a reason to dress in super cute 50's attire. I'm pretty sure I would get some weird looks if I did it just to go to the grocery store :-)


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Another great time!