Friday, March 29, 2013

Themed Estate Sale Finds- The JFK Administration

(Amy Vanderbilt Success Program for Women, Circa 1963)
Ever notice dear Readers when you are out on the hunt, some times a theme seems to fall in place for your finds?!  Although I am on a tight budget these days I still found $10.00 to play with at local sales last weekend. I begrudgingly say I "donated" $2.00 to the Wichita Falls Junior League, the young ladies of this club host a garage sale called "Attic Antique" and boast great wares. So Patricia and I thought we'd give it a go, we pay our $4.00 at the door and walk into a large room of- not a whole lot, priced quite steep. We both left begrudgingly but I believe the proceeds go to a good charity cause, so we cant be to bitter! 
Our next stop was a small estate sale where Patricia picked up a few scarfs and I found the neat Dinner Party booklet above. There were two other books with it that were published in 1965, I jokingly said to Patricia "I'll just take the one, since our "Casablanca years" only go until 1963."  The book gives all kinds of social rules and hints to throwing a well planned dinner, it amazes me how much formality has loosened up in the last 50 years. (I blame the late 60's!).
The last estate sale we went to was hosted by one of our FAVORITE companys "Clean Sweep" they are the good people that ran "my estate sale" a few weekends ago! we LOVE these people, so nice and polite with prices to sell! I honestly don't think this 1950's Kenmore Crock pot has ever been used. its all shiny, no corrosion or stains and I think and hope still works!
(Crock pot Cord)
The cord that goes to the crock pot it pristine, no wear or dry rot at all! The only downer to this $3.00 purchase is that the crock is built in, so you cant put this in the dishwasher. I really bought it for "looks" but as long as whatever  food is in it isn't to messy I think it will make a great warmer for foods! I'll provably keep using the "well" on the stove for serious crock cooking as that pan is aluminum and can in fact be scrubbed and put in the dish washer.
Amidst all our searching I found this neat book from 1946 about a first grade classes journey in "Building a House" It's written in the style of a "Dick and Jane" reader book. with actual pictures from the class.
(Why these pictured wont upload right side up, I know not.)
The former owners of the things at the estate sale must have really been "Jet-setters" back in the 60's they had some really mod furniture and all kinds of entertaining ware.  While patricia scowered the kitchen for recipies I found this little gnome cake pick face down in a cabinet, so small I had to bring it home!
(Can't wait to use him on a cake!)
My heart fluttered when I saw someone else pick these things up! I thought it was a vintage prom invitation much like the ones I base our Spring Dance invites on, but as it turned out its a program for a High school show in Cedar Rapids Iowa from 1957.
(Melody-Moods of '57)
If you looks closely at the cover there is a flying dragon on top and a rocket ship on bottom. These kids put on a program with 4 acts ranging from "The Cave man Bop" to "Tuxedo Junction" and "Three Coins in the Fountain"
Found this HUGE table cloth, and half of another one like it. It is seriously nine feet long! You can bet you'll be seeing it later this summer!
The two bathrooms in this house were wonderfully 1950's the main bathrooms was tiled in Mamie Pink and powder blue, with matching blue tub, sink, and toilet.
The second smaller bathroom was tiled in mint and dark green! It was a tiny bathroom with a walk in shower but I LOVED the tile! I took lots of pictures because I'd like to do something similar with the Casablanca's bathroom, maybe in a light gray with dark green edging and runners.
(I think light gray switched out for the mint green would look great don't you?!)
While walking down the hallway, I saw this picture laying on a pile one the beds in a bedroom and it was pretty much a slide and dive maneuver to get to it before anyone else could.
(This is a HUGE 11" x 14" original print of John Kennedy!)
Secured for a quarter, I have big plans for this picture, I just need to find a black frame to put it in and a funeral wreath... *Let that sink in*  If you've been reading my blog for a while you all will know that the Casablanca is on a different time line than the "real" world. This year (2013) is 1959, we travel through time until Thanksmass of 1963, and then start our time line over back in 1943 (as that was the year the house was built and came into being.) To us the world that we know stops November 22, 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated. (Because if you think about it that's when things really started to shift and change, fashion, politics, everyday life)  Some of you may think this morbid and disrespectful, but when we reach Thanksmass of 1963 It will be a very somber event (as we will be in mourning) That year most everyone will wear black to Thanksmass dinner and somewhere displayed will be this photo of JFK along with a funeral wreath.  Before you leave me hate mail in the comments section of this blog, this event in history is not a game to any of us, we will be in mourning with the utmost respect to the memory of JFK and his family. As real to us now as it was that day in 1963.

Yes, I am bat-sh*t crazy. I am aware. Now enough with the seriousness 1963 is still four years away!

Patricia and I have made it a house rule now that we should ALWAYS got to a "Clean Sweep sale" twice! This sale was no different, we always seem to find wonderful things we missed during our first frantic sweep and purchase. This time we went back only 20 min after our first visit and STILL beat all the dealers to the sale, we were in paradise! I found 2 boxes full of recipes for Patricia, and she helped me spot this...
A (once) white Tux jacket that fit me perfectly!  I don't know if it will ever be white again (its aged more to a cream color) but for $2.00 I couldn't pass it up. The lady running the cash register was just a little bit hesitant to sell it to me for $2.00 as it IS a real Tux Jacket, but there were signs all over the house stating "All Clothing $2.00" and true to her word that's what I got it for. And THAT is why you always go to a "Clean Sweep" sale twice! Does anyone out there have any tricks to getting something like this white again? I read all the time that the Thrifter Sisters soak their aged table cloths in oxy-clean for a few days and that always brightens them up, but I am a little hesitant to just throw this in a tub of water... any suggestions anyone?

 I can't wait to wear it to next years dance, I just hope we can get it white again!

Happy Friday everyone!



Jim said...

Hi Mick! This was fun to go back and revisit this period in my past. It was exactly as it looks Mick. I too remember the day that we were told of JFK's death. I was in grade 10 at a Catholic high school where there were a lot of American nuns teaching. You would probably not believe the ensuing scene and sounds that went through he school.
It is not disrespectful at all what you and your friends are doing. I admire your enthusiasm and respect you have for the past.
Have a great weekend and happy hunting! Great finds as usual.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, you made some really great things! If there's any wool in that tux jacket, I'd be afraid it would shrink to the size of a postage stamp if put in water. I wonder what would happen if you hung it out in the sun every day this summer? That might lighten it some. I've heard that a soak in hydrogen peroxide whitens washable wool, but maybe you need to consult someone at a really good dry cleaners for this one.

ThrifterSisters said...

You certainly made another "Clean Sweep"! I'm so happy to see that you guys are finding some good estate sales to hit. There haven't been any here in the last few weeks worth the gas. Maddie was really disappointed that there aren't any to go to this weekend since she is on Spring Break. And with Easter, there will be no flea market on Sunday. Poor kid, guess we will have to go thrifting today! I love that crock pot. I have never seen anything like it. You have to use it!! Now, I know that you are hesitant about the whole Oxy Clean soaking thing but you really should try it. You only paid $2 so what do you have to lose? I've paid a whole lot more for tablecloths that I have put through this process. I wonder if taking it to a dry cleaners would work? Good luck!


Uncle Atom said...

Wow, great post Mick! I totally get your Casablanca time warp, and I'm sure your 1963 event will be respectful. You might want to consider Woolite for the tux if it is wool. It is hard to go wrong for two bucks, worst case, if it won't whiten, make it part of a James Bond costume and act as if you just whacked a few SMERSH bad guys between hands of baccarat. Or tie dye it.

Nita Stacy said...

I think ending your time frame with 1963 is genius and then starting all over again. Like I wish they'd do on MadMen....I'm ready for them to go back to the beginning time again. What a fun tag sale you went to. I love it when I can go to a flea market with just a few buck and come home with something I love. I once went with $10 and came home with a chiffon rhinestone silk scarf attached to a rhinestone bracelet...that dated back to the 30's. I got it for $5 and was thrilled!