Friday, March 22, 2013

"High Society" - The 1959 Spring Break Dance!

Well Readers, here we are at the start of another "Casablanca Social Season" with one of my favorite events of the year!

 * Saturday*
Mr. Mickey Jordan and Miss Patricia Biera
of Lake Diversion entertained sixty members of 
The Casablanca Hotel & Resort
with a Formal Dance and reception heralding
in the 1959 Social Season.

("It's the 1959 Spring Break Dance Here At Mick's!")
The night when the "Who's-Who" of Casablanca's members gather in their formal attire, gloves, furs, jewels to cut a rug while dazzling the docks of Lake Diversion! It reminds me of what Photographer Slim Aarons once said "Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive settings."
(Kelcie, Wes, Nicole, Utah, Zack, Jaqueline, Ashley, Joy, James, JT &Dillon.)
(Dame Dorothy Winchell, Dame Nona Bailey, along with Russ and Deanna!)
(Kelcie & Nicole)
(Russ and Deanna)
(Emily, Kelcie, Nicole, & Brianna- Miss Casablanca 1958)
(Mr. & Mrs. Craig Nobel)
(Austin, Seigen, and Matthew)
(Audrey & Emily)
What a time we had, with 60 friends in attendance we dined, sang, and cha-cha-cha'd the night away!
Our dance theme this year was "It's Only A Paper Moon"  the hall was festooned with twinkle lights, white paper lanterns, and hand cut paper stars that were suspended from the ceiling. The soft light and glittering stars made everything enchanting.
To officially begin the dance we had Miss Casablanca herself serenade us and kick off an evening of 45's, LP's records, and live performances from our friends!
(Miss Casablanca 1958, Brianna B.)

 (Wasn't she lovely?!)
With the dance floor open, the cast members of "Grease" that were attendance took to the floor to shake a leg.

(Jennifer, Brandon, Mary, Sheldon and Austin!)
(Jennifer, Brandon, and Austin)
(Craig, Stephanie, Myself and Amanda!)
(Stephanie's Solo!)
(Hannah and Austin)
(Born to Hand Jive Baby!)
As the days heat started to cool off people were enjoying themselves both in and outside the dance hall.
(Friends Terrace and Melissa, Melissa took most of the photos in this post!)
(Melissa and Robert!)
(Rachel and Mary looking as if they are RIGHT out of the 1950's!)
After Twisting and Jitterbugging, friend Jarrod took the microphone and strummed us a lovers ballad, "Tell Laura I Love Her".

(Can this kid sing or what?!)
After Jarrod had crooned to all our spring lovers (of which there were many I'm sure!), the teens started hoping and the 45's went to dropping as things got underway for the Bunny Hop!
 Dear friend Melissa came all the way from New Mexico to lead the "Bunny Train"!

Then it came time to Hokey pokey!
(You put your Right foot in!)
(Melissa, Robert, Logan, Emily, Utah, Zack)
(You put your Right foot out!)
(And You shake it all about!)
 (Patricia, Sheldon, Mary, Jordan, Joseph, Melissa & Robert!)
Next up as the Limbo Contest, one that ended up lasting nearly a half hour!

(Our New Limbo Queen Jacquelin!)
Continuing the live acts, we had friends Audrey, Melissa, Seigen and Austin  join in the fun.

(Such a nice bouncy show-tune!)
We then formed two lines, Ladies on the right and Gents on the left and Strolled our way through!

 Melissa and Jennifer sang us into the third hour of the dance!
Not to be outdone, the cast of "Grease" started to "Shake it at the High School Hop"!
As a special treat to our dance goers, Patricia and I along with the help of friend Chloe cut out and painted a giant moon photo stand. So people could sit and swing with the stars!
(David & Terrace)
(Cora & Patricia)
(Emily & Ben)
About this time ballots were passed around to vote for the Spring Dance's "King & Queen", everyone voted on the best dressed and best dancing couple...
(Lynn & Stephanie)
Our "King & Queen" led the court in a dance, to a song that has become a personal favorite of ours.

Once our prize winning punch had been liquidated, and the buffet buffed clean the guests made their way up to the Casablanca for the first Drive-In Movie of the year. You may have noticed that there was no closing song to the dance, that has become a somewhat of a tradition here at the Casablanca. As we plan to dance our way through the year.
 Because all of us were dressed to the formal nines this year, the movie we picked for our feature presentation was fitting!
Frank, Grace, and Bing crooned us away into the wee hours of the morning, it was nearly 3:00 A.M. before we cleared the Drive-In and shut the lights off.

We plan all winter for the Spring Dance, as I said it is one of my most favorite occasions at the Casablanca and it has become something that all our friends look forward too each year!  We always have a dance committee that helps plan and decorate and I owe them a Huge THANKS!  Friend Melissa for all the wonderful pictures she supplied me with! Friends Jennifer, Dorothy, Russ, Deanna, Brandon, Jarrod, Patricia and many others helped pull of this wonderful night! Thank you all so much!
"Say It's Only A Paper Moon-"



Jordan Campagna said...

Can it be last Saturday again?

Mr. Tiny said...

WOWEE!!! Looks like you guys had a ball!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Your world is so, so wonderful. And the paper moon turned out great! It's so cool to think that you'll probably have these friends until you're old and grey and you'll still be having big wingdings and shindigs. Love what you've got going out there!

Jim said...

Mick, you guys did it again! This is getting huge! 60 people! Everyone looks so beautiful and having a great time. You all know how to have a party/dance. I remember when the Bunny Hop was still popular around here in 1962! Only THE BEST year for me back then! Lots of dancing and they always played the Bunny Hop. I know what you remind me of.....Back to the future!!! Thanks for sharing and what a great post.....lots of work but so worth it Mick. Good work.
Jim in Nova Scotia

Mom Wald said...

You guys have so much fun it is fun just to see that you had fun! Fun with styyyyle.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Another wonderful night at the Casablanca! And 60 people!!! That's amazing. Congratulations on the start of another stellar social season.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

awwww....LOVE it Mick! What fun ~ we sooo need a Casablanca near us :) Keep those parties coming (lovin' the header....with Doris can't be beat!)