Friday, August 24, 2012

Swamped... A "Funny & Fair-Weather" Post.

Dear Readers- I hate, Hate, HATE  home improvement... Ever see that Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit"? Well I at least have the pit...
Maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit, but thus far construction on the dinning room has been no picnic! For almost three weeks and a rainless Texas summer the post holes have been dug for the support beams, so it just goes to figure that as soon as you get ready to go into action the county receives 2.5 inches of rain.
(That hole is/was 18 inches deep...)
Mind you I'm VERY glad for the rain, I just wish we'd gotten the beams cemented in first. Last Friday I spent the evening hours bailing out the holes so the can dry and be ready to cement. It didn't take to long, and friend Zack helped bail out water too.
(There are three post holes along that section of wall... UGH!)
None the less we got the holes dried out and went about our weekend. Saturday all was well the sun was shining, birds were chirping, Walt Disney was rolling over in his grave and I? I was sitting at the kitchen table reading... isn't that always how it goes? When they talk to victims they were almost religiously "sittin' at their kitchen table" (or on the john) when the sky suddenly turned black!
( Aw,  #@*$...)
Things were very still for a few seconds- then the clouds started to POUR and you guessed it...
(*Sigh* So I had to bail the holes our AGAIN!)

Also, I have just given up on the "grounds" of the Casablanca looking presentable until after construction is complete. To try and divert water away from the foundation a shallow trench was dug along the back yard.
Digging this while it was raining did NOT make me a happy camper. When I say it was dug "along" the back yard, I mean practically in the middle of the friggen yard. It screws up all of my landscaping and looks awful.
It runs the whole length of the back yard and around the other side of the house, in an attempt to divert the water away from the foundation.
I was hoping that this would solve the problem. Picture my anger when we made a visit to the lake on Tuesday, after another shower and I find...
I am going to wait until we have no rain in the forecast before I bail them out one more final time. And I hope right after that we can FINALLY get the concrete poured! I am ready to get this project underway and DONE! haha

I've also decided that I'll provably end up re-landscaping next spring to better accommodate all the new changes. Heck I might even sell some lawn furniture off! No Michael, not the silver pieces. Any who until that happy day when things return to normal just picture this...
(Ah yes, that's more like it!)



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I thought about you and your construction when the rain started. What a mess! I know how much you love the back yard at the Casablanca, and it's finally getting cool enough at night to enjoy it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the concrete poured before we have any more downpours. :)

Trina44 said...
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Missouri Michael said...

Don't knock it - at least you are getting rain.

Mom Wald said...

Oh no, I said "have fun". I feel like we jinxed ya.