Wednesday, August 1, 2012


(To China?!)
No, that silly! Closer to getting the support beams in and getting the new floor up. Much of last Saturday morning was spent with my Dads 1940 tractor and a lot of jumping up and down.
We were aided by friends Michael, Joe, & Patricia in digging the nine post holes that will hold the houses support beams.
It's slow going, but in our defense this is on a part-time weekend to weekend basis for now until the next phase. BUT REJOICE for now all the digging is DONE! Haha soon we will set the beams in concrete and then the actual "building" portion will begin!
Wish us luck, and cooler temperatures!



Jamie said...

How exciting Mick! I really want a tractor like that too. I could start on the foundation for our house with that jewel. Hoping for cooler temps your way.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Lord, I don't know how you guys are working in this awful heat. I'm going to act like an over-protective old lady and remind you to drink plenty of water...LOL I'm not sticking my head outside in this miserable weather, much less attempting to dig post holes!!! (But I know I would have when I was your age!)

I'm excited for you that you're getting closer and closer to starting the actual building.