Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Only Made Cents!

"Hey Mick, we came across five of these, and none of them 
are red anymore. Here are the best two.
"Have fun" pouring concrete!"
A huge thanks goes out to the Walds! They got the whole family searching for those mythical 1943 pennies I have been looking for. Thank you so much for helping me!
(Two 1943 steel pennies, back and front.)

With any luck we'll pour concrete in the next weekend or so and finally get this project underway! We've been waiting on free time, and good weather so keep your fingers crossed readers.

Thanks again to the Wald Family, I hope I can repay the favor someday!



Eartha Kitsch said...

Yay! for them! I kept looking but didn't come up with any. Glad they could make it happen. : )

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a cool thing for the Walds to do! I looked, but I couldn't find any either. Doesn't it amaze you how kind and generous our blog friends are? (Speaking of which, I keep my pictures of the Casablanca in my desk drawer and enjoy them often!)

Mom Wald said...

We'll find the pennies, YOU pour the concrete. It sounds like a good plan to us!

Jessica Cangiano said...

I'm thrilled to know you were able to obtain not one, but two of the sought after pennies. I'd gone through everyone I could find in the house here and any change the mister or I got, but haven't found any US ones dating back further than 70s. Three cheers that you now have some to put in the concrete!

♥ Jessica