Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Like It Hot!

(Friend Melissa breaking in the Bar!)
Well Readers, we've been having a mini heatwave, and all of us can tell Summer is just around the corner... so what do you do the first weekend you're not tied up in shows or sets? Party of course!

Saturday after a work call for the new showing coming up, all of us cleaned up and headed out to the Casablanca for dinner, a movie and lots of fun!
(Our "Mad Men" Libbey Glasses! Don't they look fun!?)
The adults had cocktails in the gold leaf glasses, and the minors drank lemonade out of the Carousel glasses. We all gathered in the kitchen to prepare the chicken dinner meal. Everyone brought something to share, there was a tasty grape salad, out of this world pasta, creamy mashed potatoes, with tasty rice crispy treats for dessert!
(Friend Evelyn cooking and singing!)
 we put as much as we could in Pyrex, but the flies were so darn bad we had to cover everything with towels.
 (Fried Chicken in Sandalwood Pyrex)
When all was prepared I set up the table out in the Drive-In and we moved the food and party there.
 (Friends- Russ, Chloe, Chris, & Melissa)
(Jordan, Chris J, Bryson, Cameron & Joe.)
 (Chris, Melissa, & Terrace)
(Chris and Joe)
Thanks to our unpredictable weather, clouds rolled in and cooled everything off and we enjoyed our meal.
I love it when the weather is like this, its the best time of day to enjoy the backyard. Just as we finished dinner the sun set and it was time for the feature presentation. We had planned to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" to go with our chicken dinner. But I lost the DVD and friend Chloe brought a few along, so the guests voted and chose to watch "Singing In The Rain" 
As I popped the movie into the projector I jokingly said "If it rains on us its YOUR faults!  The Movie started and we were all having so much fun singing along and talking about tidbits and fun facts about the movie. Well true to the prophecy just as we get to Gene Kelly's  musical number "Singing In The Rain"  it started sprinkling. So we packed up the projector and moved into the den...
We finished watching the movie on the Television set and played a few rounds of the game "What if" (always fun) and just chatted the evening away. Soon after people started saying goodbyes and parting, All in all another wonderful weekend at the Casablanca.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Sounds like a little rain can't stop the fun at the Casablanca! :)

Missouri Michael said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! I spotted some familiar pieces in those photos. Also, heavy flies are a sure sign of rain!

Mulli said...

Sounds like a blast! Wish we could have been there.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great way to break into the season. I love that bar!