Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So We'll Travel Along...

Oh Readers, what an adventure we had!
Patricia, Jenny & I went on  our second annual "Oklahoma State University Theatre trip"!
 (Savannah, Jenny, & Patricia)
Casablanca member and friend Savannah attends school at the University for Theatre and she invited/ we planned to make the four hour drive from Wichita Falls to Stillwater to see the show like we did last year for "Hair" !
The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical with book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar and music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison. It is a parody of American musical comedy of the 1920s. The story concerns a middle-aged, antisocial musical theatre fan, as he plays the record of his favorite musical, the (fictional) 1928 hit The Drowsy Chaperone, the show comes to life in his apartment as he wryly comments on the music, story, and actors. This show was a spectacular RIOT and SO worth the drive to see. The Cast was incredible, the sets were amazing and the songs utterly infectious we loved every minuet of it!
After the show we went to one of Stillwater's favorite late night spots "Shortcakes diner" the food is good, greasy and was once one of our favorite stops. We ate our meal and sat around talking, I was however pretty upset with the fact that the waitress named "Joy" acted pissed off that we'd come in to eat at this 24 hour diner, followed by acting pissed about the fact she had to take our drink order. Then just before we ordered our food she walked off (mid-order) because her shift was over. Later after that a waiter rudely asked TOLD us to leave, as "It' had been an hour since we'd ordered and he wanted to clean and flip the table to get other customers in" (It only took about 35 minuets of that "hour" to bring the food out and there was all of five people in the restaurant us being four of them.) he was just flat out RUDE about it. (His tip suffered accordingly) It would have been one thing if he had asked if we were going to order more food, or politely asked us to clear the booth. Now I'm not so sure how I feel about your food and service "Shortcakes of Stillwater Oklahoma".
So now I've whined about it on my blog to the world. TAKE THAT!... Any-who...  We spent the night with Savannah who was gracious enough to let us "crash" in her dorm room  and we all laughed and talked into the wee hours of the night and as a thank you for letting us stay with her we gifted her with some Spring Blossom Pyrex!
 (Her very first piece, one I picked up on the Roswell Trip!)

*  *  *

Saturday morning we got up and Savannah showed us an antique store before heading off on the next leg of our "French Doors Saga"  This place as so neat, and PACKED!
Two stories of nothing bat goodies and everything in between!
 (Jenny-"I think it's stuck...")
(Savannah posing with a Box of Dixie Dogwood Dishes!)
There were so many deals that I had to pass on because we wouldn't of had room in the car!  One of the neatest things I found was this baby bath.
 (Look Closer...)
If only I had $140.00 laying around, and ya know- a baby... I've never seen one of these! Although I didn't get it I did walk away with an "I Love Lucy"-esk item...
(I picked these Chalkware Chinese figure up for $12)
 (The I Love Lucy Set- 1954)
If you are as avid a fan of "I Love Lucy" as I am, you will recall she had two chalkware figures on either side of the fireplace mantle in the apartment. although these are not the same, they are the same spirit and will provably end up on the piano at the Casablanca!
 (Myself and Savannah)
After our thrifting adventure we had to say our goodbyes and thank you's to Savannah, then it was on to our next leg of a whirlwind weekend trip!
 Tune in Friday to see where we ended up next!



Curtains in My Tree said...

what a good trip you all had and i loved the shopping.

as far as the rude waitress you are were very lady like in that situation

nickarmadillo said...

Hey! Welcome to Missouri! If you make your way up to St. Louis, let me know.