Monday, January 2, 2012

A Hunting We-A-Went!

(The $3.00 Libbey Carousel Glasses Michael gave to me!)
 As a simi-spur of the moment activity, while on vacation  I made plans to meet up with Michael and do some thrifting in Kansas City MO. So Friday while my family hit their yearly stops, Pat and I loaded up with Mike and away we went- leaving no thrift/antique store in Independence MO untouched!
(Missouri Michael & Patricia)
Before we even got going, Michael gave some things to us, he scored a set of six Libbey Carousel glasses and gave them to me! Along with a box of Frankoma plays and Tupperware for the Casablanca-

He also gave to us (what I'm pretty sure is) the bottom bowl for a Chip-N-Dip in the same "Gold Leaf" pattern as our Don Draper Glasses Thanks Mike!
Gifts exchanged, we headed out armed with a hefty list of thrifts from none other and then Master himself, Mr.Stan Williams of or better known as The Elegant Thrifter!
The First stop was Thrift World , and everyone cleaned up. Mike showed me these glasses for $6.00
Which are also Libbey, and they compliment the Carousel glasses and when you put the two sets together you get...
(click to enlarge)
Don't they look fun?! Haha we are stacking up quite the collection of bar-ware, I cannot wait to use these!
Now I just need to find some old wire drink caddy's to store them in. Other finds included -
Vintage in the box drink coasters! $1.98 and they look like they've never been used but sadly the "spongy" part of the coaster has started to dry rot. I think it will be an easy fix and I'm going to replace the "sponge" with matching colors of felt.
 (Soon to be fixed!)
Another find I was thankful to come across was these Serving spoons. After searching for what seemed like forever and almost giving up and buying some brand (obviously new) looking ones at walmart and then viola` there they were!
(For $0.98 no less!)
The liquor spigot between the two spoons came from the next stop Charity Thrift also for $0.98  and Patricia found the smallest glass that matches the "Libbey Gold Leaf" pattern, for $0.66 now we just need 5 more to match!
Next Stop: Browns Emporium Antique Mall This place had LOTS  of neat stuff for great prices. lots of cool things to look at, and I ended up walking away with this piece.
Continuing our "Mad Men" finds, this art deco "Toucan cigarette holder/ ashtray" is the exact same one that Don Draper has on his desk in Season one. Next we took a tour of "Gordman's Department store" (it was fantastic) then on down the road to the Salvation army. Michale scored this so-over-the-top-tacky its cool Christmas thing (I wish I had a picture of it, go over to Cul-de-sac Shack  and get him to show you!) and I found a tiny sleigh.
(I have a Santa the will go perfectly on this!)
We also found an in the box "Atom-Pop" Popcorn maker for $2.00, So I snatched it up and you had better believe we WILL be using this at the Casablanca!
The pan had burnt popcorn on the aluminum, but later down the road at another thrift I found a bottom with no top that was sparkling clean so I'll just use it!  After that we went a few more places and I bought a few things here or there, I picked up a few pieces of Pyrex to give away as presents (I even broke a piece of glassware in the DAV thrift shop) Patricia laughed at our last thrifting spot as Michael and I both sprinted to the back of the store (to get to the good stuff first) while I yelled "You're a GROWN MAN Michael! I'm just a CHILD!" (while I, an equally grown man ran right beside him) Haha we had so much fun and after a long day of thrifting, we were all tuckered out.
("I want this chair!")
We packed up our kills finds, and headed back to meet up with my family for dinner. It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun  fighting tooth and nail for Pyrex  hanging out! Hope all of you had  a great weekend of finds!



Mom Walds Place said...

Your combined sets of glasses are simply fabulous! What a great way to start the new year with friends and fun.

Missouri Michael said...

I still want that chair! Thanks for a fun day!

Zootsuitmama said...

Careful Mick! You are on my turf! Independence Mo are my thrifts! LOL

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So much fun and so many great finds. Love the glasses you are finding. I know you will enjoy using them. Fun thrifting with Missouri Michael!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Fun finds! Glad you've been enjoying such a great out-of-state thrifting trip.

Amber Von Felts said...

"You're a GROWN MAN Michael! I'm just a CHILD!" That killed me! You guys found a TON of good stuff. I think I like the Atom Popper the best!

Lydia said...

Those glasses are magic. Also, I love that you have a popcorn maker now. Perfect for the drive in. All we need are some popcorn bowls and you are set for a concessions stand.

Jill said...

I just love all the glasses!!! What a great price!

Kathy said...

OMG...Mick, my folks had those carousel glasses when I was a kid! (yikes...I'm giving away my age,lol) I loved those glasses! I'm so envious:-) I recall my Mom and Dad enjoying cold libations in those frosty glasses in the summer heat. I'm sure you'll use them all the time...

Jana B said...

I was randomly browsing on etsy tonight and saw 2 sets of the carousel glasses you bought. One set went for $99 and the other For $145! Looks like you got a great deal!