Friday, January 6, 2012

The Atom Pop!

The NEW Sensational Atom Pop corn popper!
Okay, okay... I know that I JUST blogged about scoring this thing on our Missouri Adventure but Thursday night we finally got to see it in action!
(Meet our Atom-Pop Models, Savannah & Patricia)
They read the instructions to me while I operated, this advanced and modern piece of technology.
I poured in the 1/2 cup of corn...
Followed by 1/4 cup of cooking oil...
Finally I covered the pan and placed on high heat...
AND THEN we stood around the stove entranced by that the aluminum pot, staring so intently and in such silence- you would have thought it was an Atom Bomb we'd just put on the stove burner rather than a kettle of corn... then about five minuets in we start to hear-

The popping went on for about three to four minuets longer and then finally, teaming with anticipation- we took the State-of-the-Art containment shield (I.E. the lid) off to REVEAL!
A perfectly popped batch of corn, enough to feed about four people!
("SUCCESS!Cry the Atom Pop Models.)
("And it's so Tasty Too!")

"Simple enough for a child to use, Designed for modern living." 
- Quin-Craft Product, Fredonia Kansas 1952

Hands down one of my best $2.00 purchases yet!

You can read even more about the history and fun of this thing at its website.



Amber Von Felts said...

Oh heck yeah! I love fresh popped popcorn! Your Atom popper is the bees knees. Very futuristic! A while back I did a vintage test kitchen blog for my vintage popcorn popper. Check it out here:

Keep on poppin!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

If I ever see one of those poppers I would buy it for my guy! He loves popped corn on the stove!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm lazy enough to use popcorn in a bag, but it never tastes as good as the popcorn my mom made on the stove! Your Atom Pop is the bomb. (Why can't we resist making that lame pun? It's so bad that it's good.)

Space Commander said...

Mick, you are always having way too much fun... keep it up!!

Mr. Black said...

I have a vintage Atom Pop, too! I also got it for $2.00 at a thrift the original box I use it all the time. It is the best popcorn maker EVER! I've never burnt any popcorn, and very rarely is there even an unpopped kernel. And, I love that you don't have to shake it or worry about it.

Apparently, you can still get the Atom Pop...they have a website that tells the history of it and lists places where you can buy it. Looks like the same design.