Monday, September 26, 2011

SUPRISE Weekend In Denton!

Well Readers,
Saturday was Patricia's Birthday, and she had to stay down at school and was sad. Well for about a month now friends Jenny, Emily and myself have been planning a surprise trip to see her on her Birthday!
(Friend Emily waiting outside of Patricia's dorm to Surprise her with me!)
I wish I could have filmed when Patricia came out of the door! She was so happy to see us, and we'd all kept our visit a secret so she was TOTALLY surprised! After we pried her from our necks, we whisked her away to the Denton Square for some antique/thrift shopping.
(Friends Emily, Patricia, & Jenny!)
Denton is a College town, and the square has lots of neat little shops and antique places, we wandered them all! Stopping for a picture here and there...
It was lots of fun and we picked up some Pyrex! (That I will share Wednesday) After our walk we asked Pat where she wanted to go for her Birthday dinner, and she said Hooters... So we picked up friend Logan from T.W.U.  and headed out to eat!
(Logan & Emily)
(Me & Pat)
(Emily & Jenny fighting about their hooters in Hooters...)
After dinner we all headed back to Patricia's dorm to watch a movie, we picked "Drop Dead Gorgeous"  and that set us up for the rest of the evenings events. If your familiar with the movie, you will know its a Mock-umentary  set in a small town in Minnesota, it has a great cast of stars, and they all speak with heavy Midwest accents.  Well after watching the movie, WE all started talking with heavy Midwest accents and decided to hit the Denton Square again! 
(The Court house in the Square all lit up around 8:00 P.M.)
We first went to "Denton Square Donuts" 
(Us making squares)
These donuts are like no other!  They are square and you can get anything on them from plain chocolate frosting, to fruit loops, to bacon! we ordered in our accents and then the games began, lucky for us "Church Basement Ladies"  was set in Minnesota so we answered every question they through out like natives!
A quick walk around the Square then we stopped for old fashioned ice cream.
( Happy Birthday Patricia )

It was at the Ice cream parlor that a group of people heard us talking in out thick accents and asked "Are you guys from Minnesota?" to which we all replied (even thicker) "Oh Yah, GO BADGERS!!!" and they totally bought the act and thought we were serious! Having enjoyed our frozen treats, friend Logan suggested we go over to the Texas Women's University campus and he could give us a late night ghost tour! (He is part of the historical society at the university)  So away we went...
He took us all over campus showing us all kinds of sights and telling us all kinds of tales.
 (Tour Guide Logan)
This building particularly sent chills up my spine, when it was being constructed in 1934 one of the workers died on site. Rather than file and accidental death report and holding up construction, the Foreman filed a Missing Persons report and hid the mans remains IN THE PILLARS OF THE COLONNADE. Logan is leaning against the pillar that structural X-rays taken in 2007 revealed a Femur and full left arm/hand from the elbow down. There are four 20 foot pillars on the colonnade... all of which have, shall we say - spare parts in them.

Spooky, spooky, spooky after our tour we stayed a little while longer with Logan and then finally had to call it a night as Emily and myself had to make the hour and a half drive back to Wichita Falls. It was a wonderful and Patricia was so happy we all came to see her! I owe a HUGE thanks to Friends Jenny and Emily for helping me pull the surprise off, I don't think we could have possibly done it any better!



Vonlipi said...

How sweet! You're all very good friends. Happy B-Day Patricia!

I can't wait to see the Pyrex! ;)

Amber Von Felts said...

I thought square donuts were nuts, but square bacon donuts? Super nuts! I can't believe the ghost story about the pillars! Eep! I love how you guys travel all around to see each other & share special moments. What a rad buncha friends!