Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pyrex (1) Hipsters (0)

On our Denton trip I picked up a few pieces of Pyrex. I was so disappointed at some of the antique stores we went in, they were those places that have all kinds of everything, and nothing at the same time. Patricia had scouted out the "Desert Dawn" 8 inch round a few weeks ago.
At first I passed on it as it had a $15 price tag, but after all our shopping I decided to give it another try. I went in and as I was checking out the lady said "OH I love this stuff!"  and I said "Really? Whats your favorite piece?" and she said "I just love my two-quart casseroles"  and I said "I love my 404's and cake pans!" and she paused a minuet and said - "Tell ya what, your a good kid, I can tell- you can have it for $10." SOLD!

*  *  *
During our walk around the square, we stopped into a "Hipster" run antique store, (and you know my encounters/ feelings for hipsters) After searching and searching, it looked like the oldest thing in the shop was from 1989. Then in the back of the store about 10 feet from where I was standing, My Pyrex senses started tingling.
I saw the very top of this Butterprint Cinderella its a (number)  I dug it out from where it was and saw it had no price tag. CRAP I thought, these hipsters (whom I loathe the idea of) are going to take me to the bank on this... So I go up to the counter and the girl behind the register puts down her mandolin and cat and says "Can I help you?" I said "yes, could you tell me how much this bowl is?" *she looks it over* "Wow this old, like REALLY old I don't think I've ever seen one like this before... *Aw Crap, I think* she then says "Well its really grungy, and I don't think thats coming off... how about $10?"  SOLD!
Well when I got home that night, I let it soak in hot bubbly water and used one of those magic cleaning eraser sponges and it cleaned right up and looks brand new!

We couldn't help but smile, we got a $35 bowl for $10 because of that girls unwillingness to give it a good scrub! 

I think we're going to keep Oranges in it... take THAT Hipsters!



Vintage Christine said...

I'm having a 40% off sale on my Pyrex at the antique mall and NO ONE is buying it. I'd put it up on the blog except that shipping Pyrex is so expensive. Well, I think I'll try the blog approach anyway since I'd rather give a good deal to a blogger over some stupid redneck here. And don't disparage the hipsters too much--thanks to her complete disinterest in the bowl, you got it for cheap!

Vintage Christine said...

Thanks for the pep talk, sweetie!!!

Missouri Michael said...

Ooohhh....would love to see what you are selling, Christine!

Lisa said...

KILLER. PYREX. The last one. Is so. Killer. It drives me nuts the prices you see on some of these... I saw a primary color set the other day at an estate sale for $60 and just couldn't bring myself to part with my hard earned folding money. However, moments like your victory over the antique dealer, the hipster entrepreneur, and the fates themselves do make you grateful for the big wins! Good job, sir.