Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Diversion Labor Day!

Hello Readers!

Lots of things were going on this weekend as we try to catch the very last days of summer.  For one, Patricia and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary on Saturday!
(I surprised her with Pink Butterprint and Gooseberry Pyrex!)
With the Pink Pyrex needless to say, she was smitten.  Saturday afternoon was the 3rd annual Fish fry at the lake, the Casablanca guests made a plate of cookies and went over to eat. After tht more guest started showing up for the nights festivities...
  (Friends Caitlin, Dillon, Patricia, Jenny, Wes, Andrew, & Cameron)
This picture is important as it is the FIRST TIME in Casablanca history where the Guy's out numbered the girls!  While we waited on the few stragglers the rest of us got busy making dinner. We adopted two motto's this weekend "If we have it... what the hell, Lets USE it!" "AND It's better in Pyrex."
We baked Devils food cake in Pyrex, then we used the fridgies....
(Chicken for the Chicken & Dumplings)
(Home made trail mix in Butterprint!)
With our motto's for the weekend, instead of pulling out another pot to cook in we used the stoves special "sunk-in pot".  This is the second time I've used it since we got the stove... I have no idea why, I guess I thought it too special care or something and then I realized Saturday its just an aluminum pot... 
We listened to records and danced while we waited on the food to cook.
(The Twist!)
Then finally we sat down to dinner!
I never get pictures of the food before its gone, but we had Chicken & Dumplings with Green Bean Casserole and that Devils food cake for dessert! Right after dinner friend Cameron and I had to run back into town to rescue retrieve all of my Pyrex since the show closed that night.  When we arrived back at the C.H.&R the Party was in full swing, a movie on the Drive -In and everyone having a good time-here at Mick's
Like most of our parties this one went until the wee hours of the night, and down in the history books!



Amber Von Felts said...

I hope those two are holding candy cigarettes in the last pic! You have such a daunting selection of Pyrex. I'm glad that you use it, as well as admire it! I just picked up some this last weekend myself. I'll be using mine in the kitchen too!

Vintage Christine said...

Yes, you are indeedy the King 'O The Parties! AND King 'O Pyrex, as well. Love seeing the photos of the happy campers, and congrats on your anniversary!!!