Monday, June 6, 2011

OH MY GOSH Music, Music, Music!

 This last weekend was sure a packed one, The latest show I've been working on sets for "Sussical the Musical" opened Friday go a smashing review and even a tiny mention about the sets! (I'll have a full set post later this week)
 (Myself, Kelcie, Wes, Mr. Mulligan, Mrs. Mulligan, Patricia, Caitlin, & Margaret)
Saturday morning our friends Brett & Lydia were married (for the second time), If you didn't  see the post about it, click the link and read all about the Casablanca's First Wedding.  After the wedding and between Sussical shows Patricia and I went and did a little thrifting and we cleaned up in the sheet music department! We snagged all this sheet music for $4.50!!!

Patti Page - "I went to your wedding" - how appropriate
Bing Crosby - Missouri Waltz- for the next time Michael come to vist
Hair - Let the sunshine in  - we're currently addicted to this musical
Wallace Beery - La Cucaracha - just for fun
Judy Garland - Songs Judy Garland sings -17 hit songs circa 1939
Brodway - 17 summer songs - my favorites being from Kiss Me Kate & Wonderful Town.
(Last but not definitely not least)
 The Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca-Cola - original copy dated 1944
 Even more exciting than its great condition is that it was personalized!
("To a lovely friend Reggie, 4-21-1945" )

Since the Broadway book has the same sheet music for "Rum & Coca Cola" I think I might just have this near mint condition photo cover copy of the 1945 sheet music framed to hang up in the turquoise room!



Jim said...

There is something about sheet music that I really like! probably because I grew up with it at home.
On Saturday i almost bought some as well......i may go back to get it.
You are one busy guy Mick!

Amber Von Felts said...

I love that song, Rum & Coca Cola! I discovered it as a cover by the amazing Miss Wanda Jackson on her newest album "The Party Aint Over" . I bet the Andrews Sister's version is even better! Great finds! Also, those newly weds are just too cute :-)

Zootsuitmama said...

Hey! You are forgetting your (Zootsuit) Mama is from Missouri too! Awesome score! I wanna see more of the wedding.

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