Friday, July 2, 2010

More Junk I DON'T Need, But Boy Am I Glad I Got It!

Well Dear Readers,

My favorite antique store in "The Antique Wood" Wichita Falls is having a half off sale! As you can provably guess I went in to "look" and in under 10 minuets I sold my soul on layaway...  Actually I'm proud of myself, iv been there twice in 2 weeks and iv only spent $24 and got these great items.
I snagged this 1950's black and turquoise Impala Planter at a GREAT price! Its nearly a foot long, and eight inches high, I spotted this beauty around the same time I spotted my 1954 stove a year ago. But this planter was listed at $42.50...and come on I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy!  So I sighed and wished it a happy life where ever it went...  Well like I said this half off sale is running rapid and I said to myself "I know $21.25 is a lot for a planter, but I'll just put money down on it and pay it on time."  Well as the store owner Mrs Tate was filling out the layaway sheet, much to my surprise I discovered that the piece had been knocked down from $42.50 to $21.30 and the Now half off Price was $10.65~!!!!   I jumped all over it, I apologized for making her fill out the layaway sheet and just paid cold hard cash!.
This chair is the actual reason for me going into the store yesterday, I spotted it Friday  and LOVED it but with the discoloring fiber glass and the sale price of $24 I wasn't so crazy about it so I left it... well the more i thought about it it occurred to me "A chair that shape would go great with Micheal's lamp... you could spray paint it red and put it in the Turquoise room"  So I called Tuesday and asked Mrs. Tate to put a hold tag on it for me, that with the half off sale I snagged this baby for $12!
I cannot tell you people how much 'CRAP' I got from my friends for buying these 1960's Christmas candles... But you vintage people out there know "If you want a vintage Christmas, you've got to collect for it year round."  and for $2.00  I thought these would make a nice addition to Casablanca and its "Thanksmass" tradition.
This could possibly be my favorite find in a while!  When I bought the Christmas Candles last Friday I was just about to leave the shop with my friends when I turned around to call them, I saw this sitting on a chair and I jumped about a foot in the air.  H.M.S. Pinafore is the 1878 Smash hit of Gilbert & Sullivan, as you know I'm currently playing the part of 'Major General' in Pirates Of Penzance (The Hit of 1879)  and in my song I have a line that goes "And Whistle all the airs of that infernal nonsense Pinafore"  I was ecstatic to find this 5 record 78 album AND... IT WAS ONLY $1.00!!!!!  My friend Patricia said "Well I saw it... I just didnt say anything..." to which My friend Zack and I both said "Would you like us to smack you?!" haha.
I could have bought my life away yesterday, but finally after much showing of merchandise by Mrs. Tate, and a good deal of restraint on my part  I left with only the long coveted planter, chair and money still in my pocket!

The post might get a little crazy this next week as The Pirates of Penzance opens next Thursday, but I'll post on that later!



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Every mancave needs a panther planter!

Oh and I'd leave that wonderful chair just as it is. Nothing wrong with honest wear. =)

Missouri Michael said...

I love that Impala planter! about a vintage 1958 or 1959 Chevy Impala to keep at the Casablanca to go along with it? :)

I like the chair, but I agree that I'd probably paint it as well.

I'll have to share pics of the vintage metal lawn chair that I got last night at a consignment auction. I always get excited when I find one in a style that I don't have.

Cheetah Velour said...

That chair is awesome! I agree with Atomic Ranch House, maybe consider leaving it as-is?

Is there a manufacturer label on it?

Retro Keith said...

love the planter! and those Christmas candles are beautiful!

Amber Von Felts said...

The chair is dreamy! I watched an Eames short film (did you know Charles & Ray Eames produced many many short films?) about how they make those fiber glass chairs. It blew my mind! My Dad checked out the DVD box set of their movies from the library, they are very cool!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You did so great in your buys and your restraint!! I love the planter and the chair but I think the records are a huge score!!!

Cheetah Velour said...

I'm kinda wondering if Mick got himself a major score here! ;)

Mick, you do seem to have all the luck!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

I wish we could go thrifting together one day. You're having so much fun.

Jabacue said...

Mick, you've got to be the retro reincarnation of someone. You have a really good eye for someone your age! Loved the planter....and what a deal!

Zootsuitmama said...

How fun! Love the chair! What is that on the planter, a wheel? ya know when ya get my age, the eyes go first! Good luck in the play...I mean break a leg. Zootsuitmama