Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Flea Market Adventure

Well Readers,
Lets try this again...
Bright and early Sunday we loaded up and head for the "Second Monday-Bowie Trade Days" in Bowie Tx!  I'v been going there since I was born because my parents ALWAYS used to go but not so much anymore.  I was the mastermind behind this trip, I thought a flea market would be a perfect place for some bonding! You can find great deals, learn what other people like, meet new people, also be as loud and rude as you want without getting in trouble, I mean have a good time! Boy did we, I came away with more pictures than I did actual treasures but I had a blast!
Lydia is quite the knitter! So naturally she found some yarn, and also made me look like a idiot... she asked me to ask the sellers how much the yarn was if it was selling by the bundle or box... well I asked and the seller pointed out its MARKED ON THE BOX... I'll get you back Lydia, just you wait!
(Patricia and Lydia found some dresses to try out)

(Curtis and Patricia playing with toys!)

(Michelle gives a wave to all you people out there in blog-land!)
 We then headed to the live animial part of the flea market My friend Lydia is moving into a new house and wanted to find a puppy to keep her company... and then we saw this....
 And it was love at first sight!
A few phone calls and $20 later this little pup was hers!
Lydia was so happy she almost forgot there was still a whole side of the flea market to explore! One of the best things abotu flea markets is you never know what your going to find...

(these are ash trays!)
(We found this dog and and it was funny because of the way its yapping, it sounds an AWFUL lot like my friend Michelle's solo in Pirates of Penzance!)
If I was really into western furniture id love this haha! Lydia just had to get a photo in this most unusual chair.  After this out little group bought snow cones (as the day was heating up) and pressed through the antiques section of the flea market. I didn't get any good pictures because I was going "Pyrex Crazy"  I had $30 on me, and I spotted the base yellow fridge Pyrex container for $20 but couldn't bring myself to buy it... two steps away I found and almost complete set of 'fridgies' they yellow base, blue loaf and 1 of the little red ones. BUT the lady wanted $20 for the yellow one, $12 for the blue one and $10 for the red one... and I just couldn't bring myself to do it, not even splitting them up in hopes the other 2 might be there next month.

I did however walk away with some cast iron goodies! I have been collecting Nautical and Piratical things for the Pirates of Penzance party I will be hosting at the Casablanca in August. I paid $2 for the mermaid and $2 for the Anchors, I thought it was a pretty good deal. The best deal of the day however, was...

~Miss Fosse Elvira M. Jones~

Sorry for taking FOREVER to get this stuff posted!

Coming soon Curtis of Oklahoma comes for a visit!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Miss Fosse is so very cute!! Looks like a lot of fun! Yes that is a lot for Pyrex! You are looking for the refrig sets? I will keep an eye out for something reasonable for you!

Vonlipi said...

That is the cutest little girl!

THANK GOD you didn't buy that crazy expensive yellow fridgie! hihihi!

Cheetah Velour said...

Fosse!!! Love it!

Amber Von Felts said...

AW PUPPY! When people ask where she came from she'll always say the Flea Market! I hope she didn't actually have any fleas though. So KEWT!